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Re: History Channel project

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  • Carolus von Eulenhorst
    Even though this didn t work out perhaps there will come another chance later. Let s all keep this type of thing in the back of our minds and be ready for the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 5, 2005
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      Even though this didn't work out perhaps there will come another chance
      later. Let's all keep this type of thing in the back of our minds and be
      ready for the next opportunity. Maybe we could use a little of the
      professional expertise here along with our own talent to put a little test
      video together to get a taste of the process and maybe post it to the new
      web site (Say a couple of minutes demo, not a big project)

      At 01:27 PM 1/5/2005, davidb@... wrote:

      >Greetings Karl and everyone!
      >I want to thank those that replied earlier this month to this email and
      >especially Karl for getting the word out. Unfortunately the network
      >executives at The History Channel want to move this show up to the 20th
      >Century and decided not to cover "World's Deadliest" medieval weapons. If
      >this becomes a series and we eventually do a show involving our favorite SCA
      >era, I will certainly let you know.
      >Again, thank you all for your interest. I'm sure other opportunities will
      >come up on future projects. See you on the battlefield ! :-)
      >Best regards,
      >David Bradstreet
      >Producer, Actuality Productions/Modern Marvels
      >a.k.a. Lord Elladin Swift of SilverOak
      >on 12/28/04 9:38 PM, Carolus von Eulenhorst at eulenhorst@...
      > > Unto the good gentles of Caid who might be interested in assisting with a
      > > production for the History Channel production Modern Marvels. I know this
      > > is VERY short notice but it requires little preparation and help. They are
      > > hoping to shoot next Wednesday, 5 January in LA (possibly Woodley Park) for
      > > some background footage. The producers would like one or more English
      > > Longbowmen, crossbowmen, and someone with a roman gladius and a maul or
      > > stone axe for close-up shots and some set piece shooting footage. The
      > > ability to use a crossbow to actually pierce a breastplate would be nice
      > > but they aren't sure if they can get that together. A small sample of
      > > period arrows is also desired. If anybody can help please contact me or
      > > Mr. David Bradstreet at davidb@... (please respond to both of
      > > us). The loan of equipment would also be helpful or if this is too soon
      > > please let us know of your availability. There is no budget for this
      > > project and it involves little effort but it will get us some recognition
      > > and help the producers establish a resource list for future projects. I
      > > should mention that Mr. Bradstreet is a member of House Silveroak and
      > > fights with Caid.
      > >
      > > Hoping to hear a positive response soon.
      > >
      > > THL Carolus von Eulenhorst
      > > Master of Archers, Kingdom of Caid
      > > mka Karl Sandhoff
      > >
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