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Fwd: [hornbow] Re: SAA The Society of ARcher Antiquaries was founded

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  • John edgerton
    Pieced together from several posts from the hornbow yahoo group. I have been a member of the SAA for several years. The annual journal alone is worth the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2004
      Pieced together from several posts from the hornbow yahoo group. I
      have been a member of the SAA for several years. The annual journal
      alone is worth the price of membership.


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      > Someone posted a message about the SAA, so I assumed
      > there'd be info on the board about them, and all that
      > was needed was an address.  You can, of course, get
      > more info by approaching the contacts I've given -but
      > here's an outline of the SAA as I see it...
      > The Society of Archer Antiquaries was founded over 50
      > years ago in the UK to share information on archery
      > from all over the world, this includes all types of
      > bows: historic and more up-to-date, composite to
      > compound.
      > Members include bowyers, noted archers and
      > archaeologists, and amateurs from all over the world
      > who have delved into various subjects to contribute to
      > the knowledge within the Society, which is
      > considerable.  Members include representatives from
      > Germany, Italy, USA, (and others I'm sure, but I'm not
      > a Committee member so I can't give more details.)
      > Most of the founders were (English)longbowmen from the
      > Royal Toxophilite Society who shared a passion for the
      > subject: many had collections of books, bows and other
      > artefacts which have been made available to members
      > for study over the years: there is a collection of
      > bows and other archery artefacts including Persian,
      > Indian (asian and American), Papuan, etc etc which
      > have been donated to teh Society, in a small museum in
      > The Archer's Lodge where they meet.
      > The annual SAA Journal has articles on a wide variety
      > of subjects: they can be extremely detailed, (often
      > somewhat narrow in scope) and the researches are used
      > by academics in Museums and Universities for
      > reference.
      > The intention of the SAA is to share knowledge: people
      > contribute articles unpaid because they love the
      > subject.  (This is sometimes a struggle in modern
      > times!) The articles are 'learned' and editorially
      > checked for quality, content and accuracy.  The
      > Society has also organised re-publication of some
      > books, academic papers etc. over the years.  There is
      > a possibility that past Journals may be made available
      > through the Royal Armouries Museum in the future, but
      > don't hold your breath on that one.
      > I've been a member for 16 years and found them helpful
      > and knowledgable, and enjoy the annual get-together at
      > the 'Antiquarian's shoot' and general get-together in
      > August each year, (particularly the book collections
      > which come up for sale as some interesting stuff can
      > turn up!) 
      > Hope this explains the basics of the SAA: I've tried
      > to encourage them to put up an up-to-date website, but
      > things can be a bit slow -maybe typical of many
      > longstanding organisations run by a Committee of
      > 'senior' members who are retired and so have more free
      > time to contribute to the Society -I think the problem
      > may be finding someone with the time to deal with all
      > the enquiries and keep things up-to-date, which could
      > involve quite a lot of work.
      > They are always looking for new members, keen to
      > contribute and share good, accurate knowledge and
      > experience of any aspect of archery.
      > Hilary Greenland

      For more information about The Society of Archer-Antiquaries (SAA) try


      For those interested in contacting (and hopefully joining) the SAA...
      The SAA membership secretary is

      Hugh Soar
      29 Batley Court
      BS30 8YZ

      There is a USA representative
      Norman Graham
      800E Sherwood Road
      email grahamn@...

      Membership is £20 (GB sterling) per year. They
      publish an excellent journal with contributions from
      all sorts of knowledgeable people covering all aspects
      of archery, and welcome contributions: they also have
      a good newsletter which keeps members up to date on
      archery finds etc.

      A few back numbers of the Journal are available (at
      cost). Copies of articles can be made, it's easier if
      the title/author/issue is known. A contribution for
      printing/postage costs is welcomed to keep the Society

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