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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Longbow Practice Questions--Help!

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  • Sharon Macielinski
    HI everyone, This thread has taken its twists and turns, but I found out something very important today! My spine weight was WRONG! For an UNnotched
    Message 1 of 19 , Aug 29, 2004
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      HI everyone,

      This thread has taken its twists and turns, but I found out something very important today! My spine weight was WRONG! For an UNnotched traditional longbow, it was recommended here that the spine weight be evenly matched or slightly lighter than the poundage of the bow. Well, my bow was RATED at 30-35 lbs and being female (shorter draw length) I figured I pulled at the 30 lb end. Then, I started getting suspicious... I had my bowyer measure the weight at my draw length and it only came out to 26 lbs! Well, 30-35 lb arrows were then wrong! I tried my new 25-30 lb spined weight arrows out today, and they made a huge difference at 20 yards! I'm bummed about having to seriously launch for a 40 yard target, since I'm strong enough for a heavier bow, but I'll worry about that later...

      Anyway... if you're using the kind of bow I have and you are a lefty hitting consistantly right of center or a righty hitting left of center... might try a lighter spine weight--just slightly.

      I also discovered your ANCHOR technique is so so important... no matter how stupid you look or feel... gotta get that in a manner that's exact... the olympic champion had the string of her bow mashed into her chin and nose... I saw this in an archery book too! I'm sure this is different depending on the bow you're using... but worth looking into as well.

      I've only been shooting a couple months myself, but after 20 or so hours of lessons (thank God and the teachers for free) and 2 books... this is what I've found so far!

      May your arrows fly well!

      Dan Scheid <damales@...> wrote:

      > I think you do develop a sense for it. I've only been doing archery
      > for a little over a month now (2-3 times a week, about an hour to an
      > hour and a half each time), and it could be my imagination but I feel
      > like I am starting to develop a precognition for my archery.
      > Sometimes when I'm not distracted, I can actually tell just before
      > release if I'm going to hit or not.
      BIG snip
      > -Cyan (Very secure in my place at the bottom of the Atlantian scores
      > list).
      The mind is a fanatic thing. I ride horses and compete . I have worked with
      sport psychologist to help my game. Most use visualization to bring out your
      best performance. This is where you go over your course or test in your mind
      SEEING very move and such. So when you actually get to the completion. You
      just do as you have done before. This is what you are doing.
      Your mind gives you a image and your body follows. NOW change the image so
      every shot is dead center. Don't let the bad shots creep in and watch your
      scores go up.

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