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Event: Arts & Archery, Sunday, August 29th, Barony of Lyondemere

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  • Jessi
    Greeting to the archers (and hopeful archers) of Caid! Tomorrow marks the day of the Barony by the Sea s Arts & Archery tournament! This is a great tournament
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2004
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      Greeting to the archers (and hopeful archers) of Caid!

      Tomorrow marks the day of the Barony by the Sea's Arts & Archery
      tournament! This is a great tournament for beginners, we have ample
      loaner gear (we can outfit a small army) and have set aside time to
      authorize any and all who would like to compete on the day. A note for
      all of you who have never shot before: a brand new archer has one at
      least one of the shoots at our tournament every year! This is a royal
      round free event and we will primarily be shooting from 20 yards.

      Authorizations will end promptly at noon, so if you need to authorize,
      be sure to get started with the process well before then! Lists open at
      9:30am and will close at 11:50am. Shoots will begin promptly at noon.
      Shoots for the day include moving target, Seventh Arrow, Roman Round and
      the crowd favorite from last year, Archer's Melee!

      There will be 4 arts contests on the day as well. The categories are
      performance, fiber, practical and visual. This is a great chance to get
      your arts seen and judged before Pentathlon which is coming up in the
      early part of 2005. Performing arts begin at 10:30am.

      The site opens at 8am, and through the largess of our Baron and
      Baroness, there will be no site fee! There is also no need to haul that
      trailer with your pavilion or pack your sunshade. Though the.err.park,
      we are not allowed to set up anything. But do not digress! There are a
      few very large trees which serve as fine cover. Additionally, under
      said tress are no less than 30 tables for your use. There are a few BBQ
      spots as well.

      Bring your bows, arrows, quivers and arts, leave the rest at home and
      come for a day of archery in the shade at Rancho Park.

      2551 Motor Ave
      Los Angeles, 90064

      Just south of Pico on Motor, take the first driveway on the right
      (coming from Pico) and go ALL the way to the back of the lot. The
      archery range is hidden in the trees, but gate (sign-in and get those
      waivers!) will be at the trees near the lot. There is additional
      parking in the lot at the front of the park.

      Hope to see you there bright and early!

      ##--------> <http://www.seventharrow.com>
      ) Lady Christina O'Cleary
      / mka Jessica Baas

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