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ah, sigh...?mellow?

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  • Alberic
    Ok folks, here goes nothin ... ... Elfwine: I ve been playing for the last 15 years, and I ve only heard of 3 chiv courts that ve definitely occurred in that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 1999
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      Ok folks, here goes nothin'...

      Elfwine wrote:
      > I am astonishished that a society based on chivalry, and especially
      > those on this list who are Peers, have remained silent when a Lord
      > calls a Lady an "Asshole", and more. Had this conversation taken place
      > anywhere else in the society, that Lord would surely have been called
      > before a Court of Chivalry to answer for his breach in behavior. I
      > thank those who came to BlkKnightI's Lady (Tracy) and offered
      > encouragement, though I am disheartened that they did so privately.

      Elfwine: I've been playing for the last 15 years, and I've only heard
      of 3 chiv courts that've definitely occurred in that time, and they were
      all in relation to somebody who's now in prison for murder. (really)
      This suggests that the bar is rather higher than calling someone an ass.

      As far as name calling goes, well obviously nobody should be calling
      anybody obscene names, be they lords, ladies, or blue-ringed octopi.
      However, this whole thing blew up so hard and fast that I suspect I was
      not alone in biting my tongue lest I make a bad situation worse.
      (Translation: it's bad karma to tap-dance in a minefield.) However
      convenient electronic conversations are, there is one known pitfall:
      the loss of subtlety and nuance in communication frequently lead people
      to assume that messages are more aggressively intended than they were,
      and arguments that never would have happened in a more subtle
      environment frequently explode into just the sort of mess we saw here.
      If they'd been speaking face-to-face, I doubt the argument would have
      gotten anywhere near as heated, and certainly not to the name calling
      stage. Those of us who've been on the net for a while understand that
      people frequently overreact and do so in ways that are rather more
      vociferous than they might otherwise do, and adjust our tolerance levels accordingly.

      Personally, although I wasn't much interested in the back quiver debate
      (since I only shoot crossbows) I at least skimmed the messages, and to
      be frank, I did think at the time that Tracy's 'well if you want to
      emulate Errol Flynn...' comment was a bit more sarcastic and flip than
      it needed to have been. The invitation to the list-owner to take his
      ball and go home was..inadvisable at best. It's hard to have an open
      discourse if dissenting opinions are invited to leave.

      Enough damage has been done all round.
      Can we just drop the argument and move on?
      So, I heard somebody ask what the BOD did to the archery rules.
      Anybody know? I'm actually sort of curious.

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