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  • Lord Godwin FitzGilbert de Strigoil
    ... Actually to start with, rule of thumb states start at 15lb below bow weight. I did that on mine, and because of all the other variables: physical weight,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2004
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      > Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 14:25:48 -0000
      > From: "Cyan of Storvik" terry@...>
      >Subject: A tip on longbow arrows
      >To anyone new to the english longbow,
      >I was informed this past weekend that english longbows (or any bow
      >that has an off-set bridge from the, e.g. native american, saxon,
      >mongol recurves etc.) should use arrows with a spine weight 5 to 10
      >lbs. lighter then the bow's spine weight.
      >I was always under the assumption that you should always use a spined
      >arrow that is 5-10 lbs. OVER what the bow is rated at, and that you
      >really can't go with too heavy a spine. But this was advice from
      >modern hunting recurve and compound bow users.
      >I have for weeks been shooting arrows that were 10-15# over the
      >english bow weight going on this advice and experiencing dismal
      >consistancy in accuracy, especially at the 30 & 40 yd ranges.
      >After practice this weekend, I put the same arrows that I scored so
      >poorly with in a bow that was 42lb. and my grouping increased
      >drastically, even though the 42 was a great deal harder to bring to
      >full draw and difficult to keep on a target point for more then a
      >fraction of the time as the 30 lb. Also I was experiencing a bit of
      >recoil (flinching on release from the heavier pull) the arrows were
      >definately increasing in grouping...even at 30 and 40 yards, the
      >grouping difference was amazing. At 40 yards I could repeatedly shoot
      >2 dozen arrows and missed the target butt only 1 or 2 times out of 24
      >each time.
      >This was actually the second time I loosed arrows from this 42# bow.
      >The first time I tried it, I didn't understand picking a target sight
      >and so was over-shooting the target like mad then. The first time I
      >used it, I think I loosed about a dozen arrows before my shoulder had
      >given out on me as well. So my experience with the bow was minimal.
      >I realize this is probably common knowledge for most of you, but
      >after purchasing 6 dozen arrows, I realize that my arrow selection
      >was very poor and made a large impact on my accuracy. I hope this may
      >help some other english bow users.
      >(pronounced KEE'an)
      >P.S. I got my arrows from Teagus at Kingslayer Armory. Thanks Teagus.
      >I've had a lot of positive comments from people on the quality of the
      >arrows you've provided. (Shameless plug)

      Actually to start with, rule of thumb states 'start' at 15lb below bow weight. I did that on mine, and because
      of all the other variables: physical weight, length, FOC (front of center) of the arrows...for my 60lb hickory
      backed yew laminate, it likes to shoot 56-58 spined arrows, which is pretty close to the pull weight.

      So it helps to have several different spine weight arrows to try.

      I also shot bare shafted arrows, (no fletching) at different lengths, once I found the spine weight, just to
      try and get closer and more consistent performance.

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