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Challenge on Nock Points.

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  • Lord Cain Saethydd
    ... TRY it. You will see. Please. ... spine ... other ... can be ... channeling it ... TRY it, you will see. PLEASE! The introduced vertical error GREATLY
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2004
      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "carlDOTwest" <carl.west@c...>


      > >>... By intruducing a definate travel for the nock end, you
      > >>greatly lessen the affect of errors to the right and left side.
      > Relative to the introduced vertical error perhaps.

      TRY it. You will see. Please.

      > >> ... This
      > >>can be from poor or inconsistant releases. Or poorly matching
      > >>weights due to stress on the wood. Or any numbers of factors.
      > If those horizontal errors exist, they will show regardless of any
      > vertical errors. Each is a vector and will be added to whatever
      > vectors exist. There isn't some maximum amount of deflection that
      can be
      > imparted to an arrow, if there were, your suggestion that
      channeling it
      > all into a known plane would be useful, but sadly, 'tain't so.

      TRY it, you will see. PLEASE!
      The introduced vertical error GREATLY affects horizontal errors.
      I have done vast experimentations in this. Have several archers and
      several bows. The archers were of varying degrees of skills. It
      worked well on all but the top archers.
      I challenge you to test this.

      > >> Try it. Experiment. If you are a great shooter, and always
      > >>well, get some experienced, but average, shooters. You will
      notice a
      > >>difference. The pattern will go from an approximate circle, to
      > >>closer an inverted eye pattern. Like this ().
      > Ah, but how much taller than the circle? How much narrower? Is the
      > actually smaller?

      How much narrower depends on the deflection introduced to the arow,
      the skill level of the archer, and the tackle itself.


      > >> ... Your above advise is better than mine =). I did not think
      > >>my wording through clearly enough.
      > Huh! I've _never_ had _that_ problem. ;)
      > -- Fritz
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