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Bows and Blades event

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  • aibinningenhuineill
    Greetings, This is a blatant advertisement for our event, but given that Duke Steingrim will be teaching how to make a longbow (you ll go home with one that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2004

      This is a blatant "advertisement" for
      our event, but given that Duke Steingrim
      will be teaching how to make a longbow
      (you'll go home with one that only needs
      a bit more tillering to be complete),
      it might be something many are interested
      in. The Three Mountains (Portland,OR)
      guild has been making board and stave
      longbows, strings, and traditional arrows
      for a couple years now and we would like
      to pass on what we've learned to others.

      You are all cordially invited to attend
      the Barony of Three Mountain's newest
      educational event: Bows & Blades
      (a.k.a. Archery & Rapier Academy).

      It will be held August 13-15, 2004 at
      the Columbia County Fairgrounds in
      St. Helens, Oregon (just off Hwy 30).
      There are level, grassy fields for
      camping, showers, and an air-conditioned
      building where the Virgin Countess Inn
      will be serving delicious, inexpensive
      meals! There are also electrical hookups
      (addit. fee); dogs are allowed on leash,
      you can unload on the grass, and discreet
      drinking is fine (for those of legal age).
      And may we remind you – there are showers!

      This will be an exciting event with
      varied activities, including a catapult
      water balloon contest, open ranges for
      shooting Royal Rounds, Rapier Tourney, etc.

      A sample of the available classes:
      * Bow Making Workshop
      * Stringmaking (both Flemish & Continuous)
      * Longbow versus Armor
      * Beginning Archery Instruction
      * Rapier ABC's
      * Introduction to Capo Ferro
      * Novelty Off-Handed Parrying Devices
      * Medieval Encampments
      * A History of Arms & Armor
      * Making a Folding Camp Stool
      * Silk Banner Painting
      * and many more!

      Online class registration has begun.
      See the event website listed below for
      the link.Pre-registration for classes
      is required.Pre-registration is not
      required to attend just the event.

      Autocrat: Aibinn ingen hui Neill at:


      Thank you --- we hope to see you there!
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