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  • Godwin fitzGilbert de Striguil
    Archers, and other good gentles as well, gather your families or just yourselves, but come all to the Challenge of Sherwood! Saturday July 10th, 2004. Held in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2004
      Archers, and other good gentles as well, gather your families or just
      yourselves, but come all to the Challenge of Sherwood!
      Saturday July 10th, 2004.

      Held in the Barony of ArnHold, we once again strive to teach, learn and
      perform the art of archery.

      As the temperature heats up once again in the high desert of Artemisia,
      we shall take advantage of the cooler mornings, and shade during midday
      as we unite once again in fellowship of the bow. Activities for this
      year are various novelty shoots, competitive shoot and of course,
      classes - most on archery related subjects, but not all. We shall try to
      plan for an armored and rapier tourney, so stay tuned. We also want to
      try and get a siege engine tourney started in this event. Full, ½ or ¼
      scale in 3 categories: Trebuchet, Onager-style, Ballista-style.
      Distance being 50-100 yards or so.

      This will be firmed up soon. To date, we have not received any notice of
      anybody bringing siege engines, but we will have room and targets should
      any show up.


      Site fee will be $8.00, with a 3.00 instant discount for proof of
      membership. Children ages 10 to 15 will be 3.00 each, and age 9 and
      under for free. As last year, lunch is provided in the site fee.

      The site is Crossroads Middle School in Meridian, Idaho. Since summer
      is quite warm in Meridian, the site will open at 9:00 AM with opening
      court at their Excellencies desire. Shooting will start at 10:00 AM,
      and will run until Noon, when lunch will be served. Classes will
      commence at 1:00 PM and run until 4:00 PM. Those competitions that were
      not completed before Noon will start at 4:00 PM. Site will close after
      final court, which will take place following the conclusion of the
      competitions, and other activities that may be had.

      Directions to the site:

      Take I-84 to the Eagle Road exit. The Eagle Road exit is West of Boise,
      but still East of Meridian. Go North (towards the foothills) on Eagle
      Road approximately ½ mile and turn LEFT onto Franklin Road. Stay on
      Franklin Road approximately ½ mile and turn RIGHT onto N. Nola Road.
      The school is located at 650 N. Nola Road. As usual, look for the SCA

      Archery Competitions:

      "Short" Clout, Timed Quintain, Bow Slinger, Grouping Shoot, Wands,
      ...and more.

      Event Schedule

      8:00am Arrive and begin setup

      9:00am Site opens
      Sign-up Begins
      Range is open for competitors to warm-up

      10:00am-10:30am Morning “Welcome” court

      10:30am-12:00am Archery competitions held
      Rapier / Armored Tourney?

      12:00am-1:00pm Lunch Break
      Silent Auction begins
      Raffle begins

      1:00pm-4:00pm Classes:
      Banner and/or pennant making.
      Dame Rachel

      "Bows: Past and Present".
      Sir Sagan

      Persona Development Class.

      Intermediate archery. (Cost = $1)
      Hachmood Braden

      Archery 101.
      Lord Godwin

      Basic under clothes: braies, tunic, chemise etc...
      Lady Susanna

      1:00pm-4:00pm Mini A&S
      The categories will be:
      (1) Weapons, bows and arrows
      (2) Leatherwork.

      No documentation will be necessary. Entrant should be able to talk
      about their project and answer questions. Reference/resource material
      may be provided at the entrant's option.

      4:00pm-7:00pm Archery competitions held until completion
      Rapier / Armored Tourney?
      Announcing winners of raffle and silent auction.

      7:00pm-9:00pm Evening Court

      9:00pm-10:00pm Possible Mini-Ball

      10:00pm??? Clean-up

      Lord Godwin
      Rich Melton

      Sir Sagan
      Joe Hopkins
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