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Re: [SCA-MissileCombat] Missile combat rules (fwd)

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  • Siegfried Sebastian Faust
    Ok, a few questions/comments I have about these rules: ... The rules here seem to imply that when non-golf tube arrows are in use, that all archers must start
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2000
      Ok, a few questions/comments I have about these rules:

      At 08:19 AM 2/3/00 -0800, John Edgerton wrote:
      >3. Eye protection suitable for the missiles in use is required for all
      >participants, such
      > as marshals, heralds, etc., on the field during combat. When tennis
      > ball-tipped
      > golf tube arrows are used exclusively, eye protection is strongly
      > recommended,
      > but not required.
      >4. When wood/fiberglass shafted arrows are used, industrial or sports
      >safety glasses
      > may be worn, or adequate screening or shatterproof plastic, such as
      > Lexan, may
      > be attached to the helm over the eyes to provide additional eye
      > protection.

      The rules here seem to imply that when non-golf tube arrows are in use,
      that all archers must start applying screening to their helms? This is
      given since it says that extra eye protection is strongly recommended but
      not required for golf-tubes, but under the wood/fiberglass section states
      you may use screening, or may use safety glasses.

      Was this meant? So in the future for us to have combat archery in a Heavy
      battle, every single fighter must now have safety glasses/screening? If
      so, there goes combat archery ... if NOT, then the 'strongly recommended
      but not required' phrase needs stated again in rule #4 here ...

      >The helm shall be marked with
      > 4 inch or taller red pheons of the Interkingdom Non-Contact symbol.

      Ok, What are: '4 inch red pheons of the INCs?' The only non-contact symbol
      that I have ever used/seen/known about are the 4 inch white diamonds ...

      >NOTE: Beginning two years after the date of final approval of these rules,
      >the minimum
      >armor requirements for non-contact missile users will be the same as for
      >missile users.

      Ok, so this is either implying one of two things:
      a) In two years there is no more non-contact missile combat.
      b) In two years non-contact and full contact missile people will be wearing
      the same armor, with only the 'red phoens' to distinguish them.

      Neither of the above is optimal - out of curiousity, why is this being done?

      >7. Protection for the knees of resilient material is required.

      I think this needs some clarification ...

      This is a change from some people's standards (Atlantia) who do not require
      any knee protection.

      Does this mean that regular SCA knee protection is needed? Ie. Not only on
      the front of the knee, but 2 inches back on each side, and bending your
      knee can't ever open it up, etc.etc.etc.

      Or does this just mean that you need to wear skateboard/hockey kneepads
      that have the thin layer of plastic on the front of them?

      thanks in advance to whoever (Sir Jon?) can answer my questions...


      Lord Siegfried Sebastian Faust Barony of Highland Foorde
      Minister of Misinformation (Chronicler & Web Minister)
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