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Re: Greetings Everyone

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  • Naima
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2003
      <Tore my right Rotator cup years ago. Doctor
      said(thank goodness) best
      excersize in my case was archery as pulling the
      bow string right handed. Had
      to drop down to a 20-25 # bow to start. Seemed
      to work. Hang in there Baron Ben>

      > This is Teagus. I am slowly recovering from a
      devastating tear to my
      > right rotator. Two many shots to the
      shoulder..should have worn
      > pauldrons. Throwing the last arrow at the
      target during speed rounds
      > is not wise.

      EW I can sympathize, tho my injury has not come from
      archery I am getting orthoscopic surgury either right
      before Estrella or right after -- through VA so if
      anyone's a vet you KNOW how that works


      Sayyida Naima bint Rashid al-Andalusiyya, CGP
      Shire of Bronzehelm
      Kingdom of Artemisia

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