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Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Archery competitions

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  • jotl@ridgecrest.ca.us
    At 9:30 AM 11/20/03 -0800, Scott Jaqua wrote: [snip] ... I was undoubtedly having a good day since I was probably shooting an ELB -- actually, I don t think
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 21, 2003
      At 9:30 AM 11/20/03 -0800, Scott Jaqua wrote:
      >Example one: A novice archer shooting a crossbow, will beat a novice archer
      >shooting a hand bow. However as the archers advance thru the ranks, the
      >difference will close up rapidly. A novice cross bow shooter will advance
      >thru yeoman, to the low end of the forester rank, very quickly. The same
      >novice hand bow archer, will work harder at this stage. Once both archers
      >are foresters the crossbow archer will start advance his average slowly, one
      >point at a time as he fine tunes his crossbow and his form. The hand bow
      >archer will make larger jumps in score, over the same time (assuming both
      >archers work just as hard on both form and equipment). The crossbow archer
      >will have problems in the speed rounds and at the longer distance. In a
      >royal round, he will need to beat the hand bow archer at the 40yrd distance
      >by a lot to make up for the 20yrd speed round. On the 20 and 30yrd slow
      >rounds the scores should be about the same. The problem the crossbow archer
      >will face, is how his short, unstable bolt deals with the longer flight. Any
      >minor instability will be greatly magnified by the extra time in fight. The
      >problem the hand bow archer will face is fatigue. (ask Master James of the
      >Lake, he and I acted out this very issue at a shoot a couple of years ago,
      >the score was very close, but his hand bow beat my crossbow)

      I was undoubtedly having a "good day" since I was probably shooting an ELB
      -- actually, I don't think either of us gets in near enough practice these
      days do to the press of other things.

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