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another novelty shoot

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  • la petite femme skunk fatale
    Thanks, guys, for all the GREAT ideas for novelty shoots. I particularly like the pecked to death by small mammals one, it appeals to my sense of the absurd
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2003
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      Thanks, guys, for all the GREAT ideas for novelty shoots. I particularly like the "pecked to death
      by small mammals" one, it appeals to my sense of the absurd and challenging. One could use small
      fierce beanie babies as arm weights. I'm keeping a text file to pass on to the marshall who's
      training me.

      One of my fellow M-I-Ts, who's been shooting for 35 years, suggested this balloon shoot:
      Use a weighted helium balloon, and rig it so that it can be released from a distance. The MIC
      releases the balloon, and as it slowly rises, one or two archers at a time try to peg the balloon,
      until the balloon reaches a predetermined height. Depending on the skill of the archers present,
      the balloon can be set at anywhere from 20 to 75 yards away. This can be modified for young ones
      by using a prize to weight the balloon. The youth who pops the balloon gets the prize. I'd make
      sure to get enough of the same prize so that each child has a chance at the same thing.

      I've also heard of the "advancing man" shoot involving a straw-stuffed scarecrow on a child's
      wagon, being drawn towards the archers by kids standing behind the archers. The children are
      encouraged to cheer (or jeer) appropriately, adding a distraction element for the archers.

      And my own favorite, the Elvis Shoot, where instead of standard target faces, we use cardboard
      stand-up Elvises taped to the foam backdrop. These can be scattered throughout the field,
      representng a veritable army of Elvises. Kill and disable shots same as for fencing. He who misses
      must perform karaoke Elvis at feast.

      Try using a stand-up Marilyn Monroe, too, and she who misses must sing "Happy Birthday Mr.
      President" at feast. Infinitely variable!

      Also a question: does anyone know how to plane down arrow shafts to a gentle taper without taking
      too much wood off? I'm tired of sanding them by hand.

      Cesira Blackwork
      Archery MIT, Shire of Coldwood, EK


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