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  • Terri Shurgin
    Hello everyone! I ve had a request from Caitlin and Nigel to close the Youth range at 4pm on Sunday and Monday to prepare for the Champions Shoot. Please
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      Hello everyone!
      I've had a request from Caitlin and Nigel to close the Youth range at 4pm on
      Sunday and Monday to prepare for the Champions Shoot. Please revise the
      posted schedule. Thank you!

      Roewynne Langley
      Midrealm Youth Archery Marshall

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      1. Re: Lighter Side
      From: James <ggarrett@...>
      2. Pennsic Youth Archery Range
      From: "tshurgin" <TSHURGIN@...>


      Message: 1
      Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 02:42:37 -0400
      From: James <ggarrett@...>
      Subject: Re: Lighter Side

      The Saga of Gophersbane
      By Ld. Peregrine Fairchylde
      Penned at Gulf Wars XI

      I tell a tale of Gulf Wars,
      Upon the archery range,
      And of the man from Lagerdamm
      Who did not have a name.

      For there on St. Erasmus' Day
      He did strike down the foe,
      And earn himself a moniker
      That everyone shall know.

      The call had come to render aid
      Unto the Seadogge crew.
      They faced a pirate menace and
      Did not know what to do.

      They'd captured their antagonist,
      And hung him with a rope -
      But hanging didn't work, and archers
      Seemed the next best hope.

      Six men with bows and arrows sharp
      Had heard the Seadogges' call.
      "Just tie your villain," they proclaimed,
      "There on yonder wall."

      However, as the sailors brought
      The pirate to the fore,
      The archers all were quite perplexed -
      'Twas a gopher, nothing more.

      "Oh, but he's a mean ol' rat!"
      The Seadogges quickly said.
      "'E's got a patch over one eye,
      And a kercheif on 'is head!

      "Do not be lulled by outward looks,
      This gopher's to be feared -
      He's killed a half a dozen men
      And drunk up all our beer!"

      "The lout!" the archers cried at once,
      "We'll make this gopher pay!"
      And they stuck him on the target
      A mere twenty yards away.

      Back at the line, with arrows nocked
      And murder in their eyes,
      The archers waited to release
      And perforate their prize.

      How soon their egos would be dashed,
      Their pride begin to fail,
      When they found this gopher was
      As tough as iron nails.

      Through six flights the gopher lived,
      And though some grazed his side,
      The arrows chewed the bullseye
      But none did hole his hide.

      The Seadogge captain made the plea,
      "My lords, I do entreat,
      Loose your shafts with all due haste -
      That gopher is dead meat!"

      But at that deadly fusilade
      The fiendish rodent scoffed,
      As three arrows struck dead on -
      And every one bounced off!

      First strike belonged to South Downs
      As Jerrith aimed and shot,
      Arrow speeding onward
      Right at the gopher's heart.

      But victory was stolen then,
      His point not sharp enough.
      It struck but merely richocheted -
      The gopher was too tough.

      Then from his bow, tall Peregrine
      Did let his arrow fly,
      Crying out his challenge:
      "Die, foul gopher die!"

      That shaft flew true and struck its mark,
      But harm did not inflict -
      The arrow fell with gopher hairs
      Stuck to its blunted tip.

      Next Nicholas, an Outlander,
      (Whom some say is part elf)
      Nocked his shaft and sighted
      Down past the arrow shelf.

      The shaft, it struck a mighty blow
      And wedged the gopher's head
      Inside the hole that had been made;
      All thought, "That sucker's dead!"

      But again the gopher had survived,
      The fatal blow deflected,
      The arrow in the target's face
      Leaving Nicholas dejected.

      And then the man from Lagerdamm
      Who did not have a name,
      Drew an arrow from his quiver
      And swore, "I'll end this game."

      Some say they heard a muffled sound,
      Perhaps the gopher's laugh,
      While the man from Lagerdamm
      Drew a bead upon its

      As the arrow left the bow
      The archers held their breath,
      And finally, upon that shaft,
      Was writ the gopher's death!

      For the man from Lagerdamm
      Had shot like none before,
      And his arrow found the gopher's
      Exposed posterior.

      And thus pirate rodent died
      Merciful and quick,
      His once-proud figure now
      Just gopher on a stick.

      The other archers gathered 'round
      This man without a name,
      And on that day they Christened him
      The mighty "Gophersbane!"

      Thus the man from Lagerdamm
      Did take his rightful name
      Upon the range at Gulf Wars,
      Where he won lasting fame.

      For there on St. Erasmus' Day,
      He did strike down the foe,
      And earned himself the moniker
      That everyone shall know.

      >Message: 3
      > Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 18:05:57 -0000
      > From: "Kinjal of Moravia" <gusarimagic@...>
      >Subject: Lighter Side
      > I am an arrow -- not much perhaps, but I have a soul. What
      >a life. I am hid in a closet most of the time, taken out only to be
      >painted with un-tasteful stripes. When I do get into the sunlight
      >my head is buried in a quiver or bucket while my ass flops in the
      >wind. Then usually I am put away again without being able to prove
      >my stuff. Sigh!
      > When I was younger they said my strength was 50, but I doubt
      >that is true any more. Get your back bent over a stick a hundred
      >times and see what it does to you. Maybe today.
      > I am suddenly snatched into the light by a sweaty hand. I
      >am given a wedgy by this woven string while my neck is throttled.
      >Then the thrill -- the steady draw along my thigh. A momentary kiss
      >of cheek. I can see the target ahead. No, no -- to the left --
      >don't wobble so. Then I am kicked in the ass, knowing it is
      >hopeless. I bend and spin in an ancient dance and reach out to the
      >goal. At least he hit the hay bale.
      > It is lonely there in the weeds while they stomp about. I
      >am here -- I am here -- hear my song.


      Message: 2
      Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 18:24:34 -0000
      From: "tshurgin" <TSHURGIN@...>
      Subject: Pennsic Youth Archery Range

      Greetings all! I'm finally back on the list! I've missed all of you.
      We're running the Youth Range at Pennsic a little bit differently
      this year.
      Many of the older Youth got bored. So, each day, we're designating a
      different theme. I'm hoping to have novelty shoots every day, 3 in
      the morning and three (repeated) in the afternoon.
      We still have slots open for any who are interested in running a
      Youth Novelty shoot. Either for Youth or Youth and Adults.
      On the last Friday, Aug. 15th, we will be runnning a YOUTH Archery
      Championship. Master James Cunningham, Forester-will be in charge of
      it, but we'd also like help from other Kingdoms. This will be the
      first Archery Championships for Youth held at Pennsic.
      To qualify for Championship, the Youth MUST have been on the range
      and shooting at least two previous days. ALL Youth can shoot the

      Here are the Themes and open time slots. If you'd like to
      participate, please e-mail me at tshurgin@...
      Also, if you have anymore questions, please e-mail me also!

      Range schedule:
      9-10 Open practice, Sign-in
      10-11 Shoot One
      11-12 Shoot Two
      12-1 Shoot Three
      1-2 Open practice
      2-3 Shoot One, repeated
      3-4 Shoot Two, repeated
      4-5 Shoot Three, repeated
      5pm ranges are closed.
      There will be an open target at all times at the 10 yard range.

      Daily Themes:
      Friday, Aug. 8th -- Holidays
      10-11 Shoot One: Luau Shoot
      11-12 Shoot Two: OPEN
      12-1 Shoot Three: James Ironmark in charge of shoot
      2-3 Shoot Four: Ironmark's shoot
      3-4 OPEN
      4-5 Shoot Six: Luau Shoot (repeated)

      Saturday, Aug. 9th -- Buildings
      10-11 Treasury Shoot (Ayoka)
      11-12 OPEN
      12-1 ??? Count Tarquin, Forester
      2-3 Treasury Shoot (Ayoka)
      3-4pm OPEN
      4-5 Castle Shoot?? - Count Tarquin, Forester

      Sunday, Aug. 10th - Heroes and Villains Day
      All Slots have been assigned on this day. However, I do have one slot
      in the afternoon from 4-5 if anyone wants it. I just won't repeat the
      morning shoot.

      Monday, Aug. 11th -- Mytholgy, legends, and folklore
      10-11 Pied Pier
      11-12 Robin Hood, "Poacher"
      12-1pm OPEN
      2-3pm Pied Piper
      3-4 Robin Hood
      4-5 OPEN


      Wednesday, Aug. 13th - Heroes and Villains Day
      10-11 ??? Aleezabet
      11-12 OPEN
      12-1 ??? Seamus Greenfletcher
      2-3 ??? Aleezabet
      3-4 OPEN
      4-5 ???? Seamus Greenfletcher

      Thursday, Aug. 14th -- Buildings Day
      10-11 Treasury Shoot (repeated)
      11-12 OPEN
      12-1 OPEN
      2-3 Treasury Shoot (repeated)
      3-4 OPEN
      4-5 OPEN

      Friday, Aug. 15th -- Woods Walk/Youth Archery Championships
      Two Divisions: 12 and under; 13-17 year olds.
      1-5pm OPEN PRACTICE, including string shoots and animals shoots.
      If any have anything they'd like to throw in here, please let
      me know.

      Anyone who is willing to donate prizes for the Youth, please let me
      know, and I'll also put your name/group/booth and prize donated into
      the sheets. I need to get these printed up at the end of the second
      week of July if you want your name listed. (We're too busy after
      that - my husband is working Pennsic Troll, and we leave Thursday.)
      I'd like to have a sheet printed up with all the novelty shoots being
      held on the Youth range, post it on the boards and Pennsic newspaper.

      Also, just think... We'll have a whole set of youngsters able to
      shoot 20 yards and under. The winners of the 12 and under will want
      to go on and win the 13-17 year olds, in turn they'd want to get onto
      the Champions team......

      See everyone around! Have fun!


      Roewynne Langley
      Midrealm Youth Archery Marshall


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