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Re: [SCA-Archery] Missile TargetHow to make a portable target

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  • jim
    Making a portable throwing ax target You need: about 15 2 x4 x30 building studs 2 1/2 Threaded rods, 24 long with nuts 4 large washers 9/16 drill bit
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2003
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      Making a portable throwing ax target

      You need:
      about 15 2"x4"x30" building studs
      2 1/2" Threaded rods, 24" long with nuts
      4 large washers
      9/16" drill bit

      Make sure all 2x4s are exactly the same size.
      On one board draw a center line down the leangth of the wide side.
      Mark a line 1-3/4" in from each end on the center line.
      Drill a 9/16" hole in the board at the two points where your marks intersect.
      Clamp board to each of the remaining boards, one at a time, and using the
      first board as a template, drill from the hole you have already drilled and
      drill through the next board.
      Clean up any splintering on the boards and make a single stack of them.
      Put a washer and nut on one end of each of the rods and, one at a time,
      drive the other end through the holes you drilled on each of the boards.
      Put washer and nut on the other end of the rod. Tighten nuts until the
      washers start to be driven into the boards.
      You now have a 24"x30" ax throwing target


      Kinjal of Moravia wrote:
      > Many long years ago we constructed a backstop/target for axe
      > throwing. We got donated sections of damaged phone poles (just ask
      > the power company or phone company). These we cut up with chain
      > saws, drilled and connected with lengths of 1/2" threaded rods. It
      > was not portable, weighing in at about 400 lbs and set in the ground
      > three feet, but you couldn't damage it with a truck. Now, throwing
      > a long, double blade logger's axe is another matter.
      > Kinjal
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