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Some East Kingdom K&Q Champions Tourney Info

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  • dragonsheorth@aol.com
    I, Lord Tobyn, have gazed into the Palontir (look it up) of the cunning East Kingdom Archery Champion Lord Urho - what follows is a list of the shoots
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2003
      I, Lord Tobyn, have gazed into the Palontir (look it up) of the cunning East
      Kingdom Archery Champion Lord Urho - what follows is a list of the shoots
      currently being hatched by his evil mind for the K&Q's Archery Tourney: He
      will surely use some, all, maybe a few others not listed below - many will
      not be used as well. He may always change his designs so be wary! Timed
      Shoots may become Static Shoots! Ranges could be as far as 150 yards or as
      close as several feet knowing his twisted mind! Bring dozens of arrows!
      Watch your back! He is a tricksie one for sure!!

      This year's King and Queen's Archery Tourney will be run by the Diabolical
      Bjorn Urho of the Pines, the current Queen of the East's Archery Champion.
      Held in Concordia of the Snows (on Saturday of the War of the Roses - rain or
      shine!), the theme will be "Lord of the Rings" and will most likely consist
      of 2 rounds of 5 (or so) shoots each. Depending upon the number of archers,
      advancing from first to second round may be limited but the more archers the
      greater the tournament!

      Points for the 2 rounds will then carry over to determine finalists.
      Finalists will number 8 to 16, depending upon the number of total archers in
      the tourney. Finalists will enter a final round of 3 (or so) shoots with the
      winner having the highest cumulative total FOR THE TOURNAMENT. Archers
      desiring to shoot the first 2 rounds of the tournament but who are not
      willing to assume the role and responsibilities of Queen and King's Champions
      (1st and 2nd place respectively) for the upcoming year (attending courts,
      running next years K&Q Tourney, etc) will NOT be allowed to shoot in the
      final rounds. This tourney is, after all, to decide the Champions of the

      Special Note: Archers may use both crossbow and handbow if they wish, BUT
      they MUST carry both weapons AT ALL TIMES.

      There will be NO traditional WAR shoots. (i.e. NO Clout at 100 yards but
      there will be long range shoots, NO Slot at 30 yards but there might be
      window type shoots, etc).

      Current plans are for groups to be sent out at 10AM with new arrivals being
      cut off by 11AM. BE PROMPT - "Mordor Time" is not "SCAdian Time"!! If
      torrential rain or some other delay forces finals too late in the day, final
      rounds MAY (although unlikely) be pushed to Sunday morning early.

      Here is the evilness that currently swirls in his mind:

      Long Range: probably 50 to 100 yards
      Medium Range: 25 to 50 yards
      Short Range: Less than 25 yards

      Dragon - Smaug! Can you hit that missing Dragon scale… wayyyyy over
      THERE!! Long distance, untimed.

      Save the Dwarf from the spider web. - Shoot the stands before the spider
      arrives for lunch... dinner... breakfast... second breakfast? Whatever!
      Medium range, timed

      Gandalf vs Saruman: Wizard battle it out. Saruman is stronger but Gandalf
      has you to help. Shoot objects in the air. Medium Range, timed

      Nazgûl on Weather Top. An untimed long distance shoot at a Ringwraith… or
      two.. or more!!!.

      Birds of Saruman: Group shoot, short range, timed.

      Wargs: A war dog type of shoot. Medium Range, limited points, timed.

      The Watcher in the Water: A tentacle grabs a hobbit. Save the hobbit by
      shooting the beast. Medium range, timed.

      Friends/foes: Shoot the meanies but not the good guys! Medium range, timed
      w/friendlies nearby.

      Balrog: Shoot the demon - because you can!! Long range, Timed:

      Saruman The White. Shoot the wizard in the window. Either short timed or
      two shots. Medium Range

      Orcs kidnap Merry & Pippin. Retreating w/friends. Untimed, assorted
      ranges. Two shots at each station.

      Rider of Rohan: Ride a horse and shoot orcs, orcs, and more orcs till they
      all die!! (but don't hit the hobbits!) Unknown distances

      Assault on Isengard: Clout shoot. Provide cover for your army to approach
      to the Tower. Long range, long timed (LOTS OF ARROWS!) with short shots a
      minus (considered you hit a friendly Ent).

      Running Orcs: Shoot the Advancing Orcs… except they are faster than that
      slow-moving advancing soldier you are used to! Multiple targets, timed

      Mass Orc Shoot. - Trying to simulate shooting into an army Lots to shoot
      at, lots to miss! Medium Range

      Save Aragorn & Theoden: Shoot Orcs, not friends. Moving targets! Medium

      Stop Pippen from being ensnared by the Palantír. Single shot - Don't hit
      Pippin! Medium Range

      Shelob in the Darkness: Shoot her eyes. Short range (real close).

      Sam vs Orc w/Whip: Save Frodo from a whipping. Timed - Unknown Distance.

      Stop Gollum from stealing the Ring. - One shot deal. Kill Gollum or shoot
      the ring from his hands. Medium Range

      Big Orc and Tracker - tracks Frodo and Sam in Mordor. Kill them before they
      one: kill you. Two: sound the alarm. Timed, Medium range

      Winged Nazgûl. Long distance. Assorted distances

      Black Captain vs Eowyn: Typical friend/foe, medium range.

      Crack of DOOM: Gollum steals the RING. Shoot Gollum without hitting Frodo.
      Gollum will be a moving target. One shot does the trick but you have a
      limited time to shoot him.

      The RING is tossed in the Crack of Doom but lands on a ledge. You must shoot
      it off. High to low shoot. Untimed, medium distance

      As you can see, his ideas range from the difficult to the maniacal. Lord
      Urho wants as many archers to come shoot as possible - this tournament is for
      all to attend and enjoy (although admittedly the finals will be the best
      archers alone). Bring your friends! Heck, bring your enemies as well! This
      is a chance to not only shoot some difficult but fun shoots - it is also a
      chance to see some of the finest archers in the Knowne Worlde.

      Some Additional Insights: All Friendly hits will be minus. All Friendly
      kills will be more minus! Tiebreakers may be decided by kills or perhaps by
      lack of friendly damage.

      Any suggestion for more evil shoots (or ways the make the shoot more evil),
      email Lord Urho directly at: Urho.Alexis@...

      Anyone wishing to furnish awards, trinkets, donations or prizes for archers
      (best moment, highest score, worst score, most friendly kills, sharpest
      dress, courtesy on the field, etc - you decide since it is your award), email
      Lord Tobyn at: DragonsHeorth@...

      Any annoying complaints, unconstructive criticisms, foolish questions about
      things, time wasting details or other total minutia, email Ragnar Two-Axe at
      Ragnar@... (particularly about the idea of crossbow shooters doing one
      pushup in between each shot - two if they complain… Urho likes the inherent
      evilness of that rule!)

      And always remember: "Fly, You Fools!!"

      Lord Tobyn Kembold, East Kingdom Archery Marshall

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