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Ynt: [SCA-Archery] Fletching without a jig

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  • Luke Akan
    maybe this would help..it works with me... first you have to draw three 120 degree apart lines on your arrows..i used a pencil. to align the fletches 120
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2003
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      maybe this would help..it works with me...

      first you have to draw three 120 degree apart lines on your arrows..i used a
      pencil. to align the fletches 120 degrees...i used one of my arrows and a
      fabricated sleeve with degree indicators on them. as in 3 dots 120 degrees
      apart.Than on the same sleeve i made slightly offset marks to the original
      marks based on my 4 inch fletches...that was for the angle....to be able to
      mark that..you have to assume that there is a line running parallel to the
      shaft starting from the back of your fletch..than insert the sleeve from the
      tip side of the arrow and aling the original marks with the assumed line
      you can draw it with a pencil at first) that way you can mark the offset
      marks based on the position of the tip of the fletches..

      now when you do the new arrow..you slide the sleeve through the knock side
      and mark the lines than you measure 4 inches ( coz my arrows have 4 inch
      fletching) and than draw a straight 4 inch line parallel to the shaft. one
      line is enough as a guide

      than you insert the sleeve from the tip side and align the original mark
      with the line and mark the offsets on the arrow..

      the trick is that you fletch the arrows with the back of the fletch glued
      first. than the tip and than the middle. you will find that when you glue
      the back and than the front there is a natural helical shape considering
      that the fletches are uniform as per my plastic parabolics..and the form is
      consistent in all fletches....i use a small ruler and my carpenters eye to
      place the fletch in a perfect line before i glue the middle..i hold the
      fletch in that form with the tip of the ruler from the right side and
      squeeze a drop of glue from the left...than i put the glue on the side(on my
      left hand) and pick up another ruler with my left hand and press the fletch
      down to get a firm grip...when you are finished as you look at the fletch
      from the profile you will find gaps between the shaft and the body of the
      fletch..run some glue in to it..it may not be as firm you may think...but i
      have not had a single come offs yet..and the angle is uniform all
      around....i have shot those arrows on my compound with outstanding

      once you get the hang of it...u will be surprised how quick you can set the
      fletches....well it works for traditional archery anyways.


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      > At 11:02 PM 2/20/2003 +0000, you wrote:
      > >I've got roughly a gross of shafts waiting to be fletched, and only
      > >one feather jig. So far, I've only fletched with the jig, and then
      > >tied on afterwards.
      > >
      > >Considering the lateness of the season (outdoor shooting will start
      > >in roughly 6 weeks), I'm looking for a quicker way to fletch without
      > >buying another jig, sacrificing my fletching quality, nor giving up
      > >my offset (helical) fletch.
      > >
      > >Am I asking for too much, or does anyone have a reference for a
      > >suitable method?
      > Well, not an answer to the subject of your message ...
      > But an answer to your problem.
      > Instant fletch glues.
      > I myself prefer Goat Tuff (And it's appropriate accelerator). You can buy
      > it at Kustom King archery ( www.kustomkingarchery.com )
      > Stuff stick to anything, and take only about 15 seconds to do/dry/done for
      > each fletch. You can really churn through them this way. WELL worth the
      > extra cost.
      > Siegfried
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