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  • D Humberson
    This sounds a lot like a shoot Aethelmearc used for it s last archery champion s challenge. The final was a save the Royalty round, as follows. 10 targets,
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15, 1999
      This sounds a lot like a shoot Aethelmearc used
      for it's last archery champion's challenge. The
      final was a 'save the Royalty' round, as follows.

      10 targets, 9 of which were obscured to some
      degree by noncombatants. All targets were
      human sized with appropriate kill zones.

      Their majesties sat in state, with each archer
      in the position the archery champion occupies
      behind the thrones.

      At the word 'Assassins!' each archer runs to
      the first of three shooting stakes, engages
      all targets for that stake, and runs to the
      next stake, etc. For safety, no bow could be
      loaded during the running portions of the

      After the last target was engaged, the archer
      ran to a finish line, where a timer was stopped.

      Final score was (points for hits - points for
      misses) / (time in seconds / 6). A 50 point
      bonus was given to any archer who hit
      every target without hitting a noncombatant.

      The winner had a decent time, but a very high
      kill ratio and the only clean-shoot bonus in the

      As an aside, the final target was a knight
      ahorse, in full plate. The only kill zones
      were the armpit of his raised arm and the
      visor of his helm - a very long distance
      from the firing line.

      The shoot was the brainchild of Baron Connor
      Bowsplitter, the then outgoing champion. The
      range was left up after the shoot, so those of us
      who didn't make the finals could try it. A
      truly fiendish range, and a fine showing by the

      The winner, BTW, was HL Thomas of Bear Woods.

      Hope this provides food for thought,
      Ragnar Ketilsson

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      >This summer when I visited the Canton of Hawk's Hollow in the Outlands,
      >Lord Eric described what sounded like a fun shoot. He called it the
      >alarm shoot. A bell goes off, and the archer runs to the bow rack, gets
      >their bow, runs to the line, and shoots at a target until it is hit, at
      >which point the timing is stopped. The archer with the shortest time
      >wins. I'm not sure of the details, but I think the bow is already
      >strung, and the target is probably a silhouette. If I remember
      >correctly, the set up he described was that they had set up an arrow
      >slit at the top of a slope, and the target was placed below.
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