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Ynt: [SCA-Archery] brace heigth and proper stance

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  • Luke Akan
    Dear James that is what i am trying to understand...how can u tell the difference...i mean how do i know if my bow shoots sweet...i can always go for the set
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2003
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      Dear James

      that is what i am trying to understand...how can u tell the difference...i
      mean how do i know if my bow shoots sweet...i can always go for the set
      brace height for my bow...also i wanted to ask again about the thumb up
      technique...do i measure the distance between the tip of my thumb and the
      bottom of my fist? if so...my draw weight is 50 percent higher than what it
      should be. :) I am a bit slow...please bear with me :)

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      > First... Brace height is the distance between the part of the grip that
      > faces(normal termed belly of the bow) the string and the string. It is
      > where the rule of thum came from(well we think it did) with the thum
      > sticking out of a closed fist that distance should be approx. brace
      > The lower the brace height the lower the draw weight at a specified draw
      > lenght. Most of the Olympic style shooter use 8-10 inches of brace
      > height(well over rule of thum). But they have done this with much
      > experimentation and know exactly what brace height works best for them.
      > a recurve you can adjust the brace height quite a bit without hurting the
      > bow. On self wood bows you can break a bow if the brace height is set to
      > high. Start with rule of thum shoot and adjust 1/2 inch up and down until
      > you find the sweet spot where the bow works the best for you. Yes 6
      > is a little low for a recurve.
      > > Could you tell me how the difference in brace height would affect a bows
      > > performance...and how the proper brace heigth measurement is taken..is
      > > better to have it higher than 6 inches or lower....with my
      > i
      > > have it around 6 inches the string strikes my forearm guard before the
      > arrow
      > > takes off causing erratic flight..
      > The style of anchor(normally just below the chin) is normally called the
      > Olympic style and it is the style I use with my recurve. I gives you two
      > places to check your anchor and helps control your draw lenght. The
      > anchor(close to the eye) is used more by instinctive shooters(mainly
      > hunters). The below the chin can be used for long range and point of aim
      > shooters. The real key is to find an anchor that is comfortable and
      > repeatable with the kind of shooting you are doing.
      > > and a question regarding the proper stance....when i shoot my bow....i
      > make
      > > the knock touch the tip of my chin as well as touching the string with
      > > tip of my nose...i have no sights on my bow...and i dont intend to put
      > > on...i am a bit concerned since looking through the archery guides..i
      > > noticed photos exhibiting shooter holding the knock below the chin
      > >
      > > what would be the correct way of doing it..
      > >
      > > thanks luke
      > >
      > You will find every one has a correct way to shoot. Pick what you like
      > shoot 4-5000 arrows and you will have your own.
      > James Cunningham
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