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Newcomers and "Period" Equipment

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  • dragonsheorth@aol.com
    it has been a while since I have written to the list here... forgive my absence and appearing to pop out of nowhere but I do keep reading the insights and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003
      it has been a while since I have written to the list here... forgive my
      absence and appearing to "pop out of nowhere" but I do keep reading the
      insights and appreciate the comments...

      I have to say I wholeheartedly agree that the archers (fledgling or
      venerable) need to feel comfortable with their equipment, meet SCA standards
      for safety and appearance, and MOST IMPORTANTLY feel the urge to "play".
      This is not a conscripted army of regulars all being drilled and trained in a
      specific weapon or style of shooting... I just recently watched a man
      approach a line, adopt a stance I have rarely seen, thought "what kind of an
      idiot shoots like that", then watched as he bullseyed 5 out of 6 at 30 yards.
      I then rethought my OWN stupidity and asked him if he had ever heard about
      the SCA and he is hoping to attend some upcoming events. Does he have a
      "period" recurve, crossbow or longbow or instead does he just have one that
      "meets the SCA standards"?

      I ask you... does it matter? To the gentle who stated roughly that "some
      would be happy if we only had 4 members" (all in "authentic period" garb):
      Vivat!! I LOVE newcomers, love the idea of 4000 archers at Pennsic and not
      simply being "those guys on the hill", love the way several of my newest
      archers are now learning to fletch and one pondering making a longbow... but
      when they ALL joined, they would have quickly turned tail if I had accosted
      them with an overload of "You are not very 'period'" and "My that plastic bow
      is not very "period"...

      All good things, including developing a membership, take time... in time,
      even archers will settle into old habits, old friendships, and old styles...
      but a wise archer will also try new things, adapt to new styles, and develop
      new friendships. Hopefully we have not lost EVEN ONE archer to the snobbery
      of "period authenticity" over "SCA required standards"... but secretly (and
      sadly) I bet we have.

      Lord Tobyn Kembold, GMB East

      PS... the opinions here expressed are my own but any complaints may be
      forwarded directly to "Jack Bradley" <ragnar@...> >;-)

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