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  • Frederick Fenters
    ... ... Milord, I apparently was unclear in that I was trying to make the case of my own situation when starting out (and even now with a teenage son
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003
      SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com wrote:

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      > Greetings,
      > To Padraig, I understand what you say about period "style"
      > equipment in mundane tournaments, but I personally don't agree with your
      > assessment.
      > I shoot many mundane tournaments and the only equipment that I use
      > would qualify for IKAC period division. This is the only type of archery
      > that I enjoy. I realize that I am using simpler equipment than other
      > competitors, but this is the type of tackle that I enjoy shooting. I
      > have tried the others and it just doesn't feel the same to me (personal
      > choice). I do like to win, and I've been fortunate enough to win my
      > share of trophies. But it's not about the winning...it's about the
      > shooting, and the feel of it. So that's why.
      > It also has nothing to do with expense. All of my bows are custom
      > bows that were made to my specs. 4 of my bows are wood and fiberglass
      > laminated longbows with no cutout or shelf and an unnoticable riser. My
      > lightest bow draws at 70#@28". My other 4 bows are horn nocked
      > D-sectioned longbows with no cutout or shelf and one of them (my
      > favorite) draws at 93-94#@28". I have a lot invested in my bows.
      > Here in the Northeast US, most of the tournaments have a
      > traditional division, and that's what I shoot in with my shooting
      > buddies, some scadians, some not. Most of them are also shooting custom
      > bows, usually recurves, but some shoot longbows. In the end it's all
      > pretty much the same. Whatever you're comfortable with.
      > -Geoffrei
      > http://community.webtv.net/jrosswebb1/EASTWINDStribal

      Milord, I apparently was unclear in that I was trying to make the case of my own situation when starting out (and even now with a teenage son and a toddler). I am not unique, I don't believe. I would dearly love to own a more properly period crossbow and will
      someday. Among other things it becomes a matter of priorities.

      I note that you state that you generally shoot in "traditional" competition. I also note that you have tried the more modern equipment and found it not to your liking. That is exactly the point! Shoot what you are comfortable with, can afford, and is permissible
      under the rules of the shoot and its sanctioning body.

      As for Fred Bear, he was from my home state. Did you know that he was a famous hunter before he started using and building archery gear? He started archery to renew the challenge and to get in touch with his ancestors, according to his biography.

      Padraig MacRaighne


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