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  • Frederick Fenters
    As I get digests, it can be difficult to join a discussion in progress, but here goes. Is the authenticity issue really that large? As several others have
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2002
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      As I get digests, it can be difficult to join a discussion in progress,
      but here goes.

      Is the "authenticity" issue really that large? As several others have
      pointed out, recurves, composite material bows, crossbows of many
      different design all are "period". My personna is an Irishman around
      the turn of the first to the second millennium. My lady wife likes me
      to dress more like an Englishman aroung 1400. For running a range, I
      often look more like a Norseman about 1100.

      What style of bow fits? My preferred hand-held bow is a 47# Bear
      Grizzley that dates to the mid-1960's. ELB might fit the person dressed
      as my wife likes, but is not a good match for me. Because of health
      issues, I am now a crossbowman. While I would absolutely love to
      purchase a bow from Master Iolo, one of the other abalesteers, or build
      one in a period style myself, that is not an option right now. Diapers
      for the baby are far more important.

      I learned fletching to minimize my cost for SCA legal arrows. Parts for
      a dozen shafts run about $30. Finished arrows cost double that or
      more. Plus I get the satisfaction of building my own stuff, making the
      best I am able, and testing my skill and craftsmanship against myself
      and others.

      I am one of those marshals that will allow "non legal" arrows to be used
      on my range - save that any score shot with them is not recorded for any
      SCA purpose. No one is permitted to compete save in a personally
      negotiated one-on-one with such equipment. Why even allow this usage?
      My Archer General, Nigel, hit the nail on the head. I want my range to
      be inclusive. I want everyone who cares to shoot to have a chance.

      Would I like things to look ever more medieval? I deputized a marshal
      to captain a regional Archer Corps for Pennsic to add to the Pagentry.
      I am trying to find out if any of the Continental crossbow guilds and
      "brotherhoods" had a uniform as such in period, so that I might try to
      redo it.

      Let us try to remember those days when we were starting out. Didn't
      someone lend us each a hand? You can't pay that back. You have to pay
      it forward.

      Padraig MacRaighne
      Forester of the Greenwood Company
      Pentamere Regional Archery Marshal
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