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Re: Ideas of mine Sir Jon thought I should post here.

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  • Godwin fitzGilbert
    ... -snip- ... archers ... -snip- This is a great idea, however I will echo other sentiments and state that traveling could get quite expensive. Take the
    Message 1 of 57 , Dec 5, 2002
      --- In SCA-Archery@y..., "haroldingelsson" <haroldingelsson@y...>
      > Harold
      > You might consider posting this to the SCA archery list as well. You
      > have some interesting ideas that might get some discussion there.
      > Jon
      > haroldingelsson wrote:

      > > My suggestions on how to jump start things is to get Sir Jon to
      > start
      > > a new kind of IKAC where kingdoms form their best groups of
      > > to compete head to head in traveling competitions. A home and away
      > > game like you see in sports and get this team to travel to
      > > surrounding kingdoms (and more if possible).

      This is a great idea, however I will echo other sentiments and state
      that traveling could get quite expensive. Take the Kingdom of
      Artemisia where I live for example. From the southern tip to northern
      tip is over 2000 miles, and from west to east is about 700 miles. Just
      traveling in our own kingdom is really expensive. Population is
      sparse, so it has to be that big. However we do have one shoot that is
      inter-kingdom, and ends at our kingdom's largest event in June. It's
      called the AAC. It's a winter shoot. But more could be added.


      There has to be
      > > considerable effort to do a war but an archery tournament rather
      > easy
      > > to put together. Put some thing together like 5 shoots. Royal
      > > Round; each kingdom does a specific shoot where all the details
      > > known by each competing kingdom so they can train; and each
      > > prepares a secret shoot (within guidelines). At first it might be
      > > slow but I can see after a couple of years archers taking great
      > > efforts to make the traveling team especially if the hosting
      > > goes out of their way to make the hosting kingdom welcomed.

      So one way this would be possible, is for each kingdom to state what
      that Kingdom's biggest archery centric event is for that year. Other
      Kingdom's teams then may plan for that trip.

      > > I would start encouraging more weight be placed on period shooting
      > > equipment and less and less on modern. Say that placement in the
      > > period areas of the IKAC not count for 1.5x or 2x in the
      > > Remove the comments in kingdom laws where non-period Royal Round
      > > rankings get awarded in court.

      Heartily agreed to from this archer!

      > > Get a team together to publish a book on period shoots including
      > > pictures. Also include items like how to make a period arrow,
      > > bowstrings, etc. Make this a standard better than one one book on
      > > hardsuit fighting techniques that I've seen (cannot remember the
      > > title but Sir Jon will because I've heard it's been out for at
      > > 20 years).

      This would be pretty cool!!

      > > I would encourage those archers that fight rapier and hard suit to
      > > create a tournament where all 3 skills are required. Invite the
      > > rapier and hard suits to participate and be the first to extend
      > > olive brance.

      Here in the Barony of Arn Hold, (Boise Idaho) we will be having an
      event called "The Best little Army". This event was done last year,
      and was great fun. It was made up of a team comprised of one heavy
      fighter, one equestrian and one archer. Could add rapier, but we
      didn't have enough gentles to fill the 5 teams at the event. But the
      combined best scorer became the 'best little army', and it was all
      held within easy sight of some grandstands next to an arena.

      I'm sure several archers would do quite well in such
      > > an event although I have heard that in the East there are several
      > > kings that have Grand Bowmaster Royal Round rankings.
      > >
      > > I would get archers to submit to A&S events and try to get those
      > > events for archery extremely competitive. Who cares what the
      > > Laurel's think. What is important that you compare apples to
      > > and lets see what happens.

      This is something that I myself am working on, and that is completing
      my archer's kit.

      > > I personally think garb is a good thing at practice. In areas like
      > > Atenveldt you can practice in garb but it isn't happening. Work on
      > > improving the visual image of archers so that they standout in a
      > more
      > > period fashion than our rapier brothers.

      Right there with ya!!

      > > I would also encourage Archer Generals and Archery Captains to
      > > work details at events of archers. The first group that volunteers
      > > to help clean up are the archers. Make it so that people know that
      > > if they need help archers are not only the friendliest group in
      > > SCA but are also the most helpful.

      This is not bad, but having been part of a "service" oriented
      household, we quickly became pack mules for everybody and anybody.
      This can be abused if you're not careful.

      > > 4 of 5 years maybe. Don't need the 10 to 15. Why not start out
      > > running and pick up speed from there rather than trying to
      > > pick up momentium? Your thoughts...

      I heard the starting gun Harold, and we're off......!!

      > > Harold Ingelsson
      > >
      > > PS> I realize I'm new.
      Hey it's new people that interject either new thoughts, or have the
      same thoughts that we put on the back burner and make them come to
      life again. Keep it coming!!

    • Jross007@aol.com
      In a message dated 12/6/02 10:09:16 AM Mountain Standard Time, ... Are they made from fresh Boy Scouts? Balthazaar, disappearing back into the background.
      Message 57 of 57 , Dec 6, 2002
        In a message dated 12/6/02 10:09:16 AM Mountain Standard Time,
        gergaroth@... writes:

        > You want some cookies, mister?
        Are they made from fresh Boy Scouts? <G>
        Balthazaar, disappearing back into the background.

        > --- In SCA-Archery@y..., Chad Wilson <caeman@y...> wrote:
        > > --- blockflute1@a... wrote:
        > > > An Archer is a Boy Scout?
        > >
        > > This world would be a nicer place if more people acted like a boy
        > scout.
        > >
        > > -Caedmon
        > > avoiding the soap box
        > >

        The esteemed ($&$&$#&)! SM., John Ross

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