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Re: [SCA-Archery] bow building links

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  • gary sz
    Excellent links, thanks. Gary
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 6, 2002
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      Excellent links, thanks.

      on 11/6/02 7:34 PM, jameswolfden at jim.welch@... wrote:

      > Here are some of the links I use to build bows. I did most of my
      > shooting this summer with a 50 pound board bow built from 1x2 piece
      > of red oak bought at Home Depot.
      > http://www.primitivearcher.com
      > This is good starting point. It is the website for the primitive
      > archer magazine. The forum groups are very useful. There is also a
      > page of useful links which can take you off to different sites for
      > building bows, arrows, and everything else.
      > http://www.spiritbows.com/byoarchery.html
      > A good page of links. Includes a link to SCA Rattan Bow building
      > page. I have built a few bows using George's board bow page. I
      > haven't tried the panda bow on this page but this is your ultimate
      > simple bow made of bamboo garden canes lashed together. You can have
      > a bow for under $5 and build it in a shorter time than it will take
      > to make the bowstring.
      > http://residents.bowhunting.net/sticknstring/bowyer.html
      > I found this page really useful to figure out what the hell was meant
      > by tillering. The bowyer has included lots of tillering pictures and
      > pointed out what was wrong and what needed to be done.
      > http://www.stickbow.com
      > I prefer the primitive archer site but this is a similiar page.
      > There are instructions for building a set of laminated youth bows.
      > Might be useful for a group wanting to loaner equipment. Some nice
      > arrow making articles.
      > If you build and shoot your own bow, be extra paranoid about your bow
      > inspection. While bows do explode on occasion, they often give some
      > signs ahead of time. I have had two failures that I caught before
      > they had a chance to explode. (Both bows were silk backed which helps
      > prevents catastrophic failures but does not eliminate it.) If you
      > don't know what to look for (or listen for), talk to range marshall.
      > James Wolfden
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