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Re: Twin crossbows? ( WAAAYYY off this topic )

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  • Alberic
    Jim: That was exactly my scheme, I ve got enough bows to do it, at least until I sell off one or two of the midrange ones. I ve done it in practice, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 1999
      Jim: That was exactly my scheme, I've got enough bows to do it, at
      least until I sell off one or two of the midrange ones. I've done it in
      practice, and providing you have an exceedingly clueful loading crew, it
      works fine, but you're limited to getting off the number of bolts you
      have bows to launch. (Most of my "permanent collection" require
      mechanical help to span, and are a strictly one shot proposition in
      speed rounds.) If you had a number of lighter crossbows, and enough
      bodies to have one handing you a bow as another cocked a different one,
      you could probably get off a fair number of bolts. (or one designated
      "hander" and a loader for each bow.)

      However, given the triggers on most "period" style crossbows, I'm a
      little leery of encouraging this sort of insanity. Fortunately the cost
      of a suite of bows to do it is a limiting factor, but I'd be worried
      about somebody bumping into the sear bar on transfer, or getting their
      hands through the string in a rush, and so doing themselves an injury.
      (Most of my big bows have guarded set locks, so they're not nearly as
      "hair triggered", even though they are *literally* "hair triggered". )
      I guess this is a case of me wanting to play, because I know *I'm* safe,
      but doubting anybody else's ability to keep from doing something dumb.
      (Mundanely, I teach metalsmithing. Teaching a hands-on course that
      involves blowtorches, molten metal, and heavy machine tools will make
      *anybody* a bit cynical on the "clue factor" of the generic American.)

      So the short answer is that it is possible, has been done, and is lots
      of fun.
      But I'm not sure if it should be encouraged...the cynical range
      officer's hackles are starting to bristle at the thought... The one
      time I tried it (in practice), it was allegedly legal, but that's been a
      while. (?6? years?) (It's actually hard to be accurate when doing it, as
      every shot is done with a different bow, of different poundages, and
      with different sight pictures. (And in my case, with different bolts for
      some of them as well.))

      (The "sick idea" of the original twin crossbow post was using the twin
      for the last two, and actually trying the "crew served archer" stunt at
      a real event.)

      If you manage to get away with it at a real event, let me know, eh?
      (The guardhouse lawyer in me just *loves* precedent...)


      JimHart ConalO'hAirt wrote:
      > From: "JimHart ConalO'hAirt" <ohairt@...>
      > ok .....( put your hypothetical thinking cap on ) ;)
      > If the space on the line was available....
      > and you had more than one crossbow....
      > ( say four, five, six or more..... )
      > Could you cock and load multiple crossbows
      > each with one bolt,
      > and shoot each crossbow in turn, then pick up the next
      > and so on.... ( for a speed round? )
      > Please, understand that this is REALLY hypothetical.
      > I'm not suggesting that anyone do this.
      > I would imagine that you could have a skilled crossbowman
      > shooting while an assistant loaded in a period siege.
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