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999Re: Archery Scoring( Long reply)

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  • ATruemark@xxx.xxx
    Oct 31, 1999
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      Greetings unto the list

      I have been following, with interest, the debate concerning rankings, royal
      rounds, period shoots and the lot. Thus far I have seen no posts from those
      of us fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have achieved Ludicrous scores in
      the Royal Rounds. This is despite what I have perceived to be some
      less-than-kind remarks directed our way. Everyone is entitled to have their
      opinions, and often they serve as a spur to new thinking and positive change,
      both of which I favor. However...

      >An Tir has apparently been clueless enough to make the Ludicrous
      >Bowman an official ranking. Allegedly it carries a _Grant_. Bozos.

      This particular statement finally got to me. Yes, AnTir has made the 120+
      Royal Round average an official ranking, with the title "Ludicrous Bowman."
      No, the rank does not carry a Grant, anymore than Apprentice Archer or any
      other rank. To state this, when the veracity of the information is readily
      available, shows irresponsibility and laziness on the part of the author.
      And then to follow it with a derogatory remark that blankets an entire
      Kingdom, reduces the author to mere boorishness. Shame on you!

      The making a new rank was simply the acknowledgment that such scores could be
      accomplished. The precedent lay with the creating of the rank "Grandmaster,"
      which followed "Master," when someone demonstrated ability in the Royal Round
      equal to these designations. Nothing more, nothing less.

      I have a Grant level award, called in AnTir the Jambe de Lion, which is an
      arts and sciences award for excellence in a given endeavor. I received mine
      for excellence in archery, as measured, not only by the Royal Round, but
      combat archery, teaching, manufacture of archery related equipment, promotion
      of archery....I was also recently invited into the Order of the Grey Goose
      Shaft, AnTir's highest archery specific award, based largely (but not limited
      to), the things referenced above. Both awards were based on recognition of
      excellence, not RR scores.

      At Pennsic this year I shot with the East Kingdom Champions Team, and met
      many wonderful people. I was also, pointedly, told by Master Li Kung Lo that
      I may be good at RR's, but I had a ways to go in the styles of targets and
      venues used in the East. And you know what? He was correct. That is my new
      challenge, as are some of the (better) ideas occasioned by the current debate.

      To have consistently achieved royal round scores over 120 means exactly that
      - I have specialized a style of shooting that allows me to accomplish this.
      But it has also pushed me well beyond any limits I previously considered and
      continues to present new and higher challenges. And anyone who has ever shot
      with me knows that I strive for very high levels of competence, whether it is
      with recurve, traditional longbow, or traditional crossbow. That is what I
      like to do in my SCA archery quest.
      Rather than denigrating the effort it takes to achieve such scoring, remember
      the effort that comprises your own individual excellence and realize that we
      all are trying to be our best - whatever the standard of measurement.

      In Service,

      HL Andras Truemark, OGGS
      Ludicrous Bowman, AnTir
      (And not ashamed of it!)
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