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9950Re: anchor points

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  • godwinthearcher
    Aug 7, 2002
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      --- In SCA-Archery@y..., Nest verch Tangwistel <eastarch@y...> wrote:
      > Good day,
      > Recently I attended a British Longbow Shoot. While I was there the
      > question of anchor points came up. I have been anchoring with my
      > finger on the corner of my mouth. They recommended that I change to
      > under the chin anchor point with the string touching my nose.


      Where does everyone else anchor? Has anyone tried both ways?
      I think it may depend on whether you "sight" shoot, or shoot
      instinctively. I don't look at or down the arrow, I look at the target
      with the arrow/bow in my peripheral vision. My anchor is somewhere
      close to my mouth, ( it must be early, I can't think exactly where the
      darn thing is ). Aside from glaring 'abnormalities' I would say, shoot
      as it feels most comfortable to you.


      (who's going to have to go outside a shoot a couple of arrows to
      remember where his anchor point is...too early....to much blood in the
      coffee circulatory system)
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