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930Re: Archery Scoring( Long reply)

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  • Bob & Nancy Upson
    Oct 13, 1999
      > A point here. The only awards tied to RR scores, with which I am familiar,
      > are the archery rank badges, which in Aethelmearc confer no precedence. If
      > any kingdom does tie armidgerous awards to the RR, I'd love to hear about
      > it.

      An Tir has apparently been clueless enough to make the Ludicrous
      Bowman an official ranking. Allegedly it carries a _Grant_. Bozos.

      > What is ".. the wrong type of achievement"? Do you object to the numeric
      > aspect of scoring, to the objective nature of the ranking, or to some other
      > aspects of this round?

      The round itself is harmless enough, albeit totally mundane and not
      related in the least bit to period archery; it's the totally overinflated
      sense of importance often attached to RRs that makes them a

      > I would be the first to deny that RR scores tell the whole tale about an
      > archer, but they do provide a real value both to newcomers and to the
      > regulars.

      It is newcomers that are cheated the most by RRs, IMHO. There
      is often so much pressure to shoot RRs that new archers are
      pushed into shoots that not only don't aid in their developement but
      actually work agaisnt it. Not to mention the fact that too much
      focus on RRs means little or no focus on period shoots.

      > To the archers I marshal, I emphasize that RR scores will show
      > you your own improvement, or lack of it. The ranks do provide incentive,
      > and I regularly see people working harder on form, release, or speed as they
      > approach the next 'cookie'. Speaking as a marshal, anything which gets
      > people out and shooting is a big step forward by me.

      Wouldn't it be preferable in the SCA to encourage them to come
      out and shoot something *period* than just to "come out and

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