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8875Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Mundane Laws and Crossbows

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  • Scott L Hecathorn
    May 1, 2002
      As being a crossbow man myself, I have been asking people about legality
      things with crossbows. This is what I have found in my area anyways
      (central IL). Many ranges ban crossbows mainly because their insurance
      doesn't cover them. In the world of insurance, many cosider crossbows as
      pistols. Also, there are some ranges that could have them included in
      their insurance, but they have several people sneak them in and bury
      their bolts into the targets and just leaving them there. This wreaks
      havoc on the other shooters arrows, and because of that, they will allow
      crossbows only if they bring their own target. The local outdoor range
      just started allowing crossbows to shoot, including on 3-D ranges, and
      where quite surprised to see just how little actually penetrated into the
      targets. After watching me shoot a few bolts, they decided that compounds
      and many recurves do more damage to the targets than do crossbows.

      On a side note, always be careful when transporting a crossbow, in IL, if
      it is still strung, it is considered a loaded weapon. You may want to
      check on that when looking up regulations.


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