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8847RE: [SCA-Archery] Mundane Laws and Crossbows

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  • Guy Taylor
    May 1, 2002
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      My response to this is that a poacher is a criminal, plain and simple. And
      this one was obviously a stupid criminal (are there smart ones?).

      This is an interesting thing that our society does, blame the tool rather
      than the tool wielder. But we only do it in some cases. Do you think we'd
      still have kitchen knives in our homes if all the kitchen knife stabbings
      were given this kind of treatment? How about drunk driving accidents... ban
      the car, since it's obviously used in drunk driving accidents, and we can
      pretty much eliminate the problem. Five gallon buckets, stop child
      drownings by banning them... at the very least they should be registered
      with a background check to be sure that the buyer is a licensed commercial
      But we only apply this kind of fuzzy logic to selected items: handguns,
      switchblades, "assault weapons", crossbows.
      Kinda' wierd when you really look at it from afar.

      Sorry folks, I think I had a nerve hanging out there...


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      > The case that got a lot of attention in Canada a few years ago
      > was in Quebec.
      > A young wildlife officer was shot in the heart by a poacher with
      > a crossbow.
      > It was after dark and the officer was holding a flashlight. When
      > it went to
      > trial the bozo tried to claim he thought it was a bear. Needless to say it
      > didn't do anything positive for the perception of crossbows and
      > that probably
      > helped foster the opinion in Canada.
      > On the SCA side of things did you know that some areas have rules that
      > impose penalties on crossbows? I read one that says a crossbow is
      > not allowed
      > to beat a handbow in a competition. The mundane world isn't the only place
      > where prejudice against them exists.
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