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87Difference between A&S and Archery

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  • Chris Nogy
    Aug 2, 1999
      Sir Jon is heavily promoting the Archery Masterwork Judging as a method to
      accomplish the goals many have set out, and I am in agreement that it can do
      nothing but help.

      But I have another question. Within Calontir, a great debate has been going on
      for many years - the difference between A&S and archery activities. Many of
      our top archers think that period gear construction belongs in the A&S and not
      in the actual marshal activity of archery. So we have developed a two-lane
      road for archery, that of the craftsman and that of the 'performance artist'.

      I believe that it is not necessary to be a craftsman to be great at the
      performance art of your choice. A Knight is not required to be able to build
      his own armor, but most nowdays are encouraged to appear period and to learn to
      fight with period style armor, shields, and weapons. Now, I have a great deal
      more personal interest in a Knight that can build their gear, but that is just

      If there are truly two paths to archery, the craftsman and the marksman,
      defining the craftsman's goals is easy - to make period gear. No problem. But
      defining the marksman's goals (though it seems it should be just as easy)
      somehow is not. My question - is it reasonable to say that there should be
      some part of the recognition of the marksman that revolves around a working
      knowlege of period gear in general? And is it reasonable that some part of the
      recognition of the craftsman of archer gear should come from at least a
      moderate level of skill with period gear?

      A new can of worms

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