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8571Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Tapered bolts

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  • James Pratt
    Mar 30, 2002
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      I must beg to differ on this point!! If there is any wobble of the bolt off
      the bow it is a matter of tuning the bow and bolt. When I build a crossbow
      I normally shoot a fletchless bolt and play with the prod setting(left and
      right) and the bolt setting at both ends ie: The height of the center of
      the shaft compared to center of the string. until the flechless bolt hits
      consistently strait into the target at 20 yards(like paper tuning a
      longbow). The rumor is that people who shoot unlimited crossbows
      internationaly use a quarter at 50 meeter to test flechless bolts.

      James Cunnningham
      > If the bolt is too tip heavy (trial and error here!) I've found that it
      > will wobble up-and-down in flight, since the nose really wants to go into
      > dive at the instant it comes off the stock (before wind resistance
      > stabilizes it -- fletch size does make a difference here).
      > Depending on the speed of your bolts, if there is a wobble there will be a
      > "myopic" (nearsighted) zone where the bolts will not group as well. As in,
      > when they hit the target, they are still wobbling in flight and the wind
      > resistance hasn't forced them to fly straight. If you're lucky, this zone
      > will be less than 20 yards.
      > Regardless, best of luck and shoot well!
      > -Lyev Davidovitch, AEthelmearc
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