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8414Re: [SCA-Archery] Subject for discussion --- cash

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  • Brad Boda d'Aylward
    Mar 6, 2002
      Subject: Re: [SCA-Archery] Subject for discussion --- cash

      > This is a grey area; I'm not a lawyer, so take whatever I say with as
      >many grains of salt as seems needed, but I suspect an autocrat could
      >find themselves in some doo-doo if the IRS was complained to. As a
      >non-profit organization, we might be limited in the kinds of things we
      >can hand out.

      The IRS ruling is that none of the finances of the non-profit organization
      may go to benefit *one* individual. As long as the monies going for a prize
      are donated by a gentle and *not* coming from SCA funds, the IRS cares not a

      > Beyond that, I don't like the idea. We are a non-profit, volunteer
      >organization, trying to encourage amateur sport as much as possible. The
      >esteem of my peers (in the technical sense of that word), and perhaps
      >the physical recognition of a special arrow or a scroll, is what I look
      >for, and no more than I should expect. If people want to be paid for
      >their effort, let them participate in a professional or
      >semi-professional league.
      >Forester Nigel FitzMaurice (Mid)

      I have no problem with an offer of a cash prize for winning Archers. Another
      way to couch the prize would be to say, "We'll pay your gas mony or event
      fee." Same, same.

      If I wanted to made a living at shooting I might consider proffessional
      leagues. But if some kind gentle offerred a cash prize for a shoot, I
      wouldn't walk away from it. But I still wouldn't remotely consider myself a
      pro. I have the same problem with the Olympics allowing proffessional
      athletes to compete. I doubt that anyone would consider a winner of an
      archery competition at *one of our events* to be a proffessional. I
      seriously doubt that the cash prize would have been enough to do more than
      pay the gas to get to the event.

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