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8411Re: Marshallate/Steward Authority - Cash Prize

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  • godwinthearcher
    Mar 6, 2002
      --- In SCA-Archery@y..., "hanhebin" <hamberg@f...> wrote:
      > The stipulation "I" made was that my 3 prizes were for the best
      > handbow scores shot by anybody from Artemisia with the exception of
      > myself and Owen ap Howell.

      Good gentle, I would not exclude anyone from shooting, unless it was a
      saftey issue.

      > 3. Shooting short distances in the IKAC is rather easy and you need
      > to start small before you work up to American, York rounds and
      > other more difficult shoots.

      I couldn't agree more. When you have an event, you try to cater to
      archers of all capabilities.

      > When I made my offer of the prizes there was NO shooting events
      > announced. I knew there was probably going to be an IKAC shoot like
      > there was the previous two years so I offered my prizes for the
      > IKAC. Subquently there is one prize donated for one of the other
      > shoots so can my offer of 3 prizes be questioned when another prize
      > has also been donated for a specific shoot?

      I do not know of this "4th" prize you speak of, this is the first I
      have heard of it, as I have not heard back from any group on the
      confirmation of a prize to be donated. I have only just asked.

      > Why the IKAC? My passion is more target shooting and I would
      > absolutely love to see the day when Artemisia has a flock of
      > and Robert Thornes. Unfortunately, the scores in the IKAC for
      > Artemisia are quite low and 3 prizes for the top 3 IKACs are my
      > attempt at trying to raise the scores (if even slightly).

      So good gentle, when you are Marshal In Charge of archery at an event,
      you may be able to decide what you wish to give as prizes for the
      shoots. We cannot help but put a little of our own wishes into how the
      shoot come off.

      > I have already seen reference of a cash prizes being given in period
      > by Sir Jon himself.

      I don't believe that requires me to do the same thing.

      Lord Godwin fitzGilbert
      Captain of Archers for the Barony of Arn Hold
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