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8367Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Recurve Shopping

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  • Nest verch Tangwistel
    Mar 5, 2002
      > Although I only live about an hour away from Denton Hill ski resort, I
      > still
      > haven't made it. I hear that it is the equvalent of the traditional
      > bowyer's
      > Pennsic. Master Spence Colby usually puts together a medieval encampment
      > and
      > a number of gentles from �thelmearc and East Kingdoms shoot the ranges
      > in
      > garb. Picture the merchants at Pennsic. Same, same, except all the
      > merchants
      > are selling only archery equipment. You will be able to test shoot many
      > of
      > the bows available at Denton. If they don't got it, it ain't for sale.
      > Brad
      Does anyone have any more information on this get together? Do they have a
      website? Someone gave me a pamphlet about it years ago, but of course I
      lost it long ago. It sounds like great fun.


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