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8345RE: Recurve Shopping

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  • storm71097
    Mar 1, 2002
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      Anyone have an opinion on the Brackenbury Take-downs? I am
      partial to the look of the one-piece but since Brackenbury Bows
      is kind enough to be donating their top model (Phantom) to
      Pennsic for an award I figure he deserves highest consideration.
      does anyone have experience with those vs. the Navejo or other
      take-downs? (plus I am still soliciting info on one-piece models
      but my fallback position might be to instead get a takedown)


      Tobyn Kembold

      FYI - That Brackenbury will be at Pennsic available for people to
      "try out" with a dozen matching arrows before it is given away. I
      am not sure of the logistics but while I was thinking of it I wanted
      to mention it... lots of other goodies to be given as awards too
      for Novelty Shoots so watch for it! (Longbows, spined arrow sets,
      bracers, garb, accessories, a crossbow, etc)
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