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8338Re: [SCA-Archery] Recurve Shopping

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  • Jack Bradley
    Mar 1, 2002
      Ok my 2 cents
      For the past 20 years I've been using bows made by Mike Fedora There very pretty &
      the fastest thing I've ever used
      Ragnar Two Ax

      storm71097@... wrote:

      > Ok.. I am sure this will seem an odd and perhaps
      > too open a question... but here goes:
      > Suppose you had sold off your lower three bows,
      > had roughly $1000 to buy a one-piece recurve bow
      > and only one bow, wanted it in the 50# range,
      > were concerned about "everything" (flatshooting,
      > handshock, drift, style/elegance, resale (maybe
      > someday anyway), etc so as not to leave out some
      > item of importance)...
      > What should I buy? I am NOT interested in buying
      > the bow used, not going to buy the bow from
      > anyone on this list or their friends, not
      > interested in anything but true, honest answers
      > about what I should get for traditional one-piece
      > recurve archery. I know lots of people are
      > attached to their own bow due to
      > "history/memories" but I am more looking for the
      > real experts on this list to give me their wisdom
      > and their scholarly advice...
      > I find myself often drawn to the Black Widows and
      > then am drawn away by a single but reputable
      > archer who says "handshock" in the new ones... I
      > have heard other issues with some of the other
      > top brand names...
      > So again.. money-saving not being the issue
      > within the under $1000 range... what do the
      > wisest of the archery sages recommend?
      > Respectfully,
      > Tobyn Kembold, Master Bowman
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