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8337Re: [SCA-Archery] Recurve Shopping

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  • Scott L Hecathorn
    Mar 1, 2002
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      All right, while not being an "expert" in this topic, I just thought I'd
      throw in my opinion. I personally would recommend a Ben Pearson Colt, I'm
      not sure if they still are in production now, I did shoot one and out
      grew it, but I would trade in my current bow without a thought to get a
      colt again. It had little to no handshock, didn't stack much, and I say
      this because I was a we little one when I was shooting it. But I haven't
      seen new Colts being advertised anymore, so I don't think they are being
      made. I would recommend a Mamba recurve,which you can get from 3Rivers.
      They are very fast, smooth, and powerful little bows that many people who
      tried one out at an event (who no what they are doing :) picked one up
      and said "WOW, Thats a smooth bow, and did you see that arrow go??!!?!"
      The only downside I have with these bows are there cursed little hand
      grips! You didn't specify that aspect in your original statement, so if
      you like the thinner grips this bow is definitely worth a look, but if
      you're like me and need a chunk of tree in your hand, than this one
      really doesn't fit. The best thing I would say is go to an archery shop
      and try stuff out. Thats the only way to really get a good feel for what
      your getting.

      On to a personal note, I've seen several people shoot Black Widow bows
      and I can really say that I'm not impressed with them. It's really the
      archer behind the bow and not the bow itself. Granted you will get good,
      and people will say "Oh well gee, He's got himself a Black Widow bow,
      those will do that right from the store." Hogwash. I know many people who
      are shooting 105+ scores with recurves and they never have touched a
      Black Widow. As long as you practice and get accostomed to your
      equipment, you out shoot any top of the line stuff.

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