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8125Re: Winter Challenge

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  • hanhebin
    Jan 28, 2002
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      > One quick warning - most if not quite all the duct tape I found for
      > sale at Sears in Pittsburgh, PA was actually about 1.8" wide! I
      > caught this when a new target was perceptably offcenter on precut
      > backing - the difference makes the overall target more than a half
      > inch, or about 10%, narrower.

      I wrote a quick easy program that prints out that particular target.
      It takes lots of ink as for visibility sake as I printed two 2" wands
      on yellow paper so the center wand stands out. Using a paper cutter
      and some tape I can make several targets in about 5 minutes. If
      anybody wants a copy of the program I'm more than willing to share.

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