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802Re: re: Crossbow Questions

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  • Chris Nogy
    Sep 28, 1999
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      > I have a question for you- a full sized crossbow with a rifle shoulder stock
      > and a pistol grip and trigger release (as opposed to a "tickler and roller")
      > would not be period in Europe 1000-1500?
      > Richard

      To the best of my knowlege (and I am a Laurel for (mainly) Crossbow building)
      the answer is no. There are instances of bows with set and match triggers and
      rudimentary rifle shoulder stocks in the 1700s, but none that I can document
      have a pistol grip as well. There are Pistol grip bows in the 1800s but none
      with carbine type rifle stocks.

      There is a Belgian bow with a rifle stock, a trigger with a guard, and what
      looks vaguely like a pistol grip, but it is not. It is a grip for your other
      hand, and it is several inches in front of the trigger guard assembly. This
      bow can be dated to the mid- to late- 1600s.

      But there is no documentation that I can find for a modern assault carbine /
      sten style bow in period.

      Hope this helps

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