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8Quivers etc

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  • BlkKnightI@xxx.xxx
    Jul 30, 1999
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      I have been observing for some time this exchange about Tracys statements and
      have refrained from comment for too long. We all now should know how it
      started so I will just address the key matters.

      >2. I comment that I know of extensive documentation gathered by
      Mistress Kendra. Off the top of my head the one particular item I
      recall involved the Bayeux Tapestry.<

      Your statement was shown faulty in that the archer (only one) in the
      Tapestry, indeed has a quiver on a belt around his shoulders, is using a back
      quiver. I and several others viewed the tapestry and that its a back quiver
      is questionable-Hardly documentation. We have yet to see the documentation
      mentioned over and over again. I too am interested in it.
      What we know at this point is that
      1.One archer in the Bayeux Tapestry Appears to have a belt and Quiver slung
      over his shoulders.

      >3. Tracy chimes in with a sarcastic, "If we want to believe that
      "back quivers"are period we will. And if you choose to emulate
      Errol Flynn movies, that too is a matter of choice. I prefer to
      research what they did do first and emulate that-not find
      justification for preference. "<

      Tracy was not being sarcastic at all. She had offered her scholarly
      observations and offered a conclusion. She stated the obvious, and I think
      her approach in attempting to be period should be commended.

      >4. Tracy gets beaten into the ground for both her snobbish attitude
      ("emulating Errorl Flynn movies") and for insulting Kendra's
      intelligence and my own ("if we want to believe back quivers are
      period we will") -- obviously *her* failure to find documentation
      means that Mistress Kendra's is suspect and I'm wrong for having
      the temerity to contradict her preconceived notions.<

      I am amused, she is neither "beaten to the ground," She has held herself well
      amid your namecalling, profanity, insult and infantile posts (you have
      certainly provide the documentation for that) and nor is she snobbish. She is
      far from that, I would know as I am her husband. She also did not insult
      Kendras intelligence (Kendra never said a thing on this list) but asked for
      documentation for your statements which you have failed to provide. I now
      question your intelligence. Her "notions" are not preconceived but based on
      scholarly study. So far...so Far mind you, noone else has found and offered
      sources or documentation on the "back quiver" either. Tracy has received
      numerous private E-mails reaffirming her statements and many apologizing for
      your behavior. On her behalf I thank you all. She no longer is considering
      leaving the list.

      >5. Straw breaks camel's back. List moves elsewhere.<

      For all your hard work, you have done yourself dishonour buy your resentful
      childish babble which is apparent to all. As for the list moving...Vivat!
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