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7974Re: Traditional archery

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  • grey_taylor
    Jan 7, 2002
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      Charlie, there is a company called Bingham Projects that might have
      everything you need for building a laminated bow. You can see them
      at http://www.binghamprojects.com/

      3Rivers also has supplies and some excellent books and videos on the
      subject http://www.3riversarchery.com/

      Sounds like you've got some good facilities available to you. I
      think some range challenged people are going to be envious.


      --- In SCA-Archery@y..., "jancharlie2" <cchase@a...> wrote:
      > I have just joined this group to learn about different types of
      > archery and traditional archery. I have hunted deer for several
      > years with a compound and now would like to learn to shoot my
      > and longbow without sights.
      > I have been thinking about making my own laminiated long bow. I
      > have read some about it and wondered if someone could give me some
      > pointer of what to do and what not to do, and what type of bow to
      > make the first time.
      > I didn't get in to archery until I was in my twenties but was
      > hooked on it when I brought my first bow. I now have several bows
      > and do shoot most of them. I have my favorites that I shoot most
      > the time.
      > I am 57 and live in Iowa which I think is some of the best
      > anyone could ask for anyplace. I grew up in this area so I don't
      > have any problem to find a place to hunt.
      > I have about 10 acres behind my house to set up my archery
      > so do shoot most every day that the weather will permit.
      > I have read on here about finding a safe place to shoot and at
      > time belonged to several archery clubs. In this area there are
      > county parks with land which archery ranges have been set up. Most
      > of the clubs paid for insurance to cover the club and also
      > to cover the county. These ranges were open to the public but most
      > places didn't have much problem of being damaged by vandals. The
      > club near my home was the best for me and I was the president for
      > awhile and got to know the conservation officer at the park and he
      > helped the club with alot of things. This club is still going but
      > with my work I don't get to go there as much as I did then. This
      > range has a pratice butt, 3D trail and a field archery trail.
      > Charlie,
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