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7950Re: [SCA-Archery] What constitutes a period bow?

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  • Co and Barbara tenBroek
    Jan 2, 2002
      Well now I have built now 3 bows, all are wood all are Hickory. 1 is an ELB
      design I entered in an A&S contest, it has horn nocks, is slightly longer
      than six feet from tip to tip, and draws about 145LBS @31 inches when braced
      at 6 inches. A friend of mine who saw the bows in the Mary Rose Museum
      could not tell the difference. I have 2 flat bows from hickory, and am
      currently working on an Andaman style bow.

      What makes a bow period? Is it made from natural materials? Is it based on
      a pre 1600 design? If non natural materials are used can an oberserver tell
      the difference? As long as the answers to the first 2 are yes and the
      second is no, I would say you have a period style bow, and depending on how
      accurate you were you should shoot it every chance you get, and maybe enter
      it into an A&S contest.

      Best of luck,
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