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7946Re: What constitutes a period bow?

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  • grey_taylor
    Jan 2, 2002

      Period Division
      The purpose for the period division is to encourage archers to try to
      use archery gear that is modeled after those used before 1600. Both
      long bows or recurves may be used. Modern materials (i.e. artificial
      sinew, fiber glass, etc.) may be used as long as the use does not
      give an unfair advantage in performance over period materials. Arrows
      must be self nocked. The archer should be able to document the parts
      of their gear.

      --- In SCA-Archery@y..., "jameswolfden" <jim_welch@c...> wrote:
      > I was wondering what the different kingdoms consider a period bow.
      > seems to me that there is a dearth of period documentation on the
      > different tiller of self-bows used in England and Europe. I might
      > speculate that the Welsh elm bow was a flat bow rather than an
      > english long bow but I can't find much documentation that actually
      > describes in detail its shape and tiller.
      > Would you consider a flat bow period? Would the shape of its handle
      > make a difference? I tend to associate the narrow handle to be a
      > new world influence but bows like the holmegaard and meare heath
      > the style existed pre-period.
      > Would you consider a hickory-backed ELB with horn nocks period or
      > would you demand documentation that showed that the english used
      > composite materials in their bow?
      > How period do you have to be to be period?
      > James Wolfden
      > Lions Gate
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