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794Re: Crossbow Questions

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  • D Humberson
    Sep 28, 1999
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      Egon Harmuth's "Die Armbrust" has very clear line drawings of 2 large pistol
      crossbows, and a period Chinese drawing of a man firing one. They were
      sized to need 2 hands, and apparently used bundled bamboo prods. If my
      extremely rusty German serves, the bows were 3rd century.

      The bows both have modern-style triggers and trigger guards, although lock
      details are lacking.

      The drawing shows an archer holding the bow well away from himself, in a
      slight crouch. He supports the bow with his left hand under the forestock,
      holds the pistol grip in his right, and is sighting along the bolt. The
      prod is clearly several bamboo sections tied together, and appears to be
      longer, tip to tip, than the bow is nose to grip.

      I saw two repros of this bow at Pennsic years ago, done as notchlocks and
      using Iolo's prods. They were not very well made, and shot horribly.

      Ragnar Ketilsson

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      >I can say with some confidence that black Barnett pistol crossbows are
      >not period. In fact, other than one specific purpose built crossbow
      >that I know of, I know of no pistol type crossbows available for sale
      >that even *might* be period.
      >That being said, I saw once a pistol-ish crossbow that was built based
      >on medieval chinese plans or artifacts, and the maker mentioned also
      >having documentation for a pistol type crossbow found in a greco-roman
      >period Egypitan tomb burial. (Which would be *way* pre period for us,
      >but it does give you precidence.) Unfortunately, I don't remember who
      >the maker was, or any of the rest of the information that would enable
      >me to track the citation down.
      >(All I really remember are the specifics of the bow, and the maker's
      >comments, combined with the impression that my bullsh*t alarms were not
      >As an interesting postscript to the handicapped archer thread, the
      >pistol crossbow in question was built for a wheelchair archer who
      >couldn't fit a standard bow tiller in around the chair bits.
      >Alberic. (Who thinks he *may* just remember who built the
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