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793Re: Crossbow Questions

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  • Alberic
    Sep 28, 1999

      I can say with some confidence that black Barnett pistol crossbows are
      not period. In fact, other than one specific purpose built crossbow
      that I know of, I know of no pistol type crossbows available for sale
      that even *might* be period.

      That being said, I saw once a pistol-ish crossbow that was built based
      on medieval chinese plans or artifacts, and the maker mentioned also
      having documentation for a pistol type crossbow found in a greco-roman
      period Egypitan tomb burial. (Which would be *way* pre period for us,
      but it does give you precidence.) Unfortunately, I don't remember who
      the maker was, or any of the rest of the information that would enable
      me to track the citation down.
      (All I really remember are the specifics of the bow, and the maker's
      comments, combined with the impression that my bullsh*t alarms were not activated.)

      As an interesting postscript to the handicapped archer thread, the
      pistol crossbow in question was built for a wheelchair archer who
      couldn't fit a standard bow tiller in around the chair bits.

      Alberic. (Who thinks he *may* just remember who built the thing...hummm....)
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