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774Re: Mission Statement Rough Draft

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  • Karl W. Evoy
    Sep 23, 2000
      I know I'm late in replying to this post, but my computer has been down
      since late July, and I just got the new one hooked up. I have been wading
      through the 900+ e-mails (most from this list) and have been most interested
      by the various threads involving the Period Archry Company (they've kind of
      braided themselves into a bowstring).
      I belong to a Revolutionary War Unit, and the required level of
      to field is very high. The most inauthentic objects I have seen on the field
      have been modern pattern shoes, and these are hidden under canvas
      half-leggings. Any modern items are hidden away in campboxes, haversacks,
      etc. All visable seams are hand sewn, buttons are of a period pattern, etc.
      The cost is rather high by our standards, rangeing from a few hundred
      dollars for a militia unit ( most of the cost being the musket, and units
      frequently have members with spare gear to loan newcomers) to a few thousand
      for the well dressed British Grenedier or Fusilier ( fussy uniform details
      and those impressive bearskin hats!)
      As I can attest to, this level of commitment to period detail is not
      for everyone. However, the SCA is a very inclusive orginization, as it
      should be. This is what makes it a great place to play, learn, teach and do.
      However, I feel this proposed Company should require a higher level of
      authenticity, not to be a snobbish, exclusive club within the SCA, but
      because that can be fun and rewarding also. Ancel
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      > From: "James W. Pratt Jr." <cunning@...>
      > How do other authenticity groups handle this? Is anybody out there a
      > war or revoltionary War reenactor?
      > James Cunningham
      > >
      > >You know, every time (this has happened in other groups)
      > >when you discuss authenticity, one of the complaints is
      > >the _cost_ of being authentic. Yes, it's going to cost to
      > >be authentic. The amount that it costs is going to vary
      > >with the time period that you're interested in. I would
      > >doubt that anyone who is brand new to the SCA will be
      > >joining the company in their first month, or maybe even in
      > >their first year. There are lots of archery activities
      > >out there for new people which won't require the level of
      > >re-enactment that some of us are striving for. By it's nature,
      > >a company of authentic bowmen will not be all-inclusive.
      > >My guess is that we won't be dressing up and shooting in full
      > >kit except at larger events.
      > > -----Gille
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