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7580Re: [SCA-Archery] Apples and Oranges?

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  • wyvern@megahits.com
    Dec 1, 2001
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      > "applications of the same basic technology"
      > HARDLY... I dont see more than one moving part on a
      > hand bow.

      And yet the same basic principles are at work. The central
      concept of both forms of the weapon is to utilize the stored energy
      of a bent bow to propel an arrow. Everything else is just
      embellishment of that same central principle. The only notable
      difference between the two is that crossbows add a fixed draw
      length and mechanically assisted release into the equation. (That's
      one or two extra moving parts. Mechanical releases are also used
      with handbows -- just not in the SCA because they aren't period.
      Unless you count thumbrings. Which are another moving part... =)

      > C'mon, theyre NOTHING alike. You can go on thinking
      > they are if you like if it makes you feel better.(sorry bout
      > the sarcasm, Im frustrated)

      It's not about me "feeling better," it's about recognizing the simple
      facts of the matter.

      > Have you ever taken a physics class? (Im not busting
      > on you, its a serious question) If youre an engineer
      > also you may understand where Im going with this.

      Yes, in fact I studied engineering. I also shoot both longbows and
      crossbows, make arrows and bolts, and build/repair crossbows.
      That's why I know for a fact that the basic principles of operation of
      both are identical.

      > Im done.. lol... I dont want to make anyone mad at
      > me.. sorry.

      Don't feel bad. Irrational fear of crossbows is period. ;)

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