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7577Re: [SCA-Archery] Apples and Oranges?

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  • Ken Taylor
    Dec 1, 2001
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      Dont you think the applied physics of the two are
      quite different? They REALLY are. Comparing a longbow,
      a compound and a recurve is apples and different
      apples, NOT a Crossbow and (any) bow Handbow.

      (and please dont tell me about the "they both (xbow
      and bow) get the arrow/bolt to the target" speech. A
      motorcycle and a car get you from point A to point B,
      but do it quite differently.)


      > > ONLY thing they really have in common is wind
      > > factor... that I can see anyhow. It's like
      > comparing a
      > > rifle and a pistol... sorta. Either way, it's
      > apples
      > > and oranges.
      > >
      > Actually, it isn't. It greatly depends on the person
      > using the weapon, more
      > the weapon itself. > removed]

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