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7541Apples and Oranges?

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  • Ken Taylor
    Nov 30, 2001
      I'm sure this must be a long and tried debate but I'll
      throw out a lure and see what other people think
      anyway. Maybe you guys can just gie me links to old
      discussion regarding the following.... (lol)

      Okay, being new to the SCA and Archery, I can't get
      slammed too hard (yeah, right) so I'll ask...

      Who was it who thought that Crossbow and Bow could
      even be closely resembled in regards to competition
      and performance? And why hasn't it been changed? The
      ONLY thing they really have in common is wind
      factor... that I can see anyhow. It's like comparing a
      rifle and a pistol... sorta. Either way, it's apples
      and oranges.

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